46% of BlackBerry Storm owners ’somewhat satisfied’

The fine ladies and gents over at the ChangeWave HotWire blog have conducted a survey amongst 61 new owners of the BlackBerry Storm, pitting the results against a similar survey conducted in July 2007 for new owners of the original iPhone. The results?

The overall satisfaction rating given by new owners of the Blackberry Storm can, at best, be characterized as lukewarm. One in three Storm owners (33%) said they were Very Satisfied with their new model, well below the 52% Very Satisfied rating given by all current owners of BlackBerry smart phones.

Simply put, the Storm satisfaction rating is similar to that of mid-tier smart phone manufacturers like Nokia (32%), Motorola (32%), HTC (31%) and Samsung (30%). While far from bad, it’s mediocre - which means it’s a potential concern regarding RIM’s head-to-head battle with Apple.

In comparison, the original iPhone’s Very Satisfied rating (77%) was more than double that of the new BlackBerry Storm (33%). Importantly, the Storm’s Unsatisfied rating (14%) is three times higher than that of the original iPhone (5%). The HotWire blog doesn’t think the Storm is a dud, however but merely suffered from an unusual array of initial launch glitches that brought its rating behind the average rating for other BlackBerry models.

I think it was quite fair of ChangeWave to compare the BlackBerry Storm against the 1st-gen iPhone. If RIM can continue to iterate on the Storm OS, who knows how the next-gen version will stack up against the iPhone 3G? You can see the key BlackBerry Storm likes and dislikes from the ChangeWave survey after the jump.

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BlackBerry Storm: Key Likes and Dislikes

Respondents were asked what they liked best and disliked most about the Storm. The results show that RIM made the right choice in producing a touch screen phone, being that it’s a highly popular option in the smart phone market. One-in-two (49%) say Touch Screen Interface is what they like best about their BlackBerry Storm. Other key likes include Screen Size (46%) and Screen Resolution (43%).

At the same time, the touch screen interface represents one of the BlackBerry Storm model’s biggest Achilles heel. In terms of dislikes, Lack of a QWERTY Keyboard (21%), Touch Screen Interface (20%) and Difficult to Use (20%) were top issues, along with Short Battery Life (21%).

10 Responses to “46% of BlackBerry Storm owners ’somewhat satisfied’”

  1. 1 Jefferson

    The problem is that while RIM may greatly improve the Storm for v2, and compete with or exceed the iPhone 3G, Apple will have released a 3rd or 4rth gen iPhone.

    RIM, Microsoft, HTC, etc all react to the products Apple already has on the market. Meanwhile Apple is thinking about the future and probably half-way done creating the next game changer.

    Everyone else is fighting a war that is already over.

  2. 2 Neil H

    Lost me with ” no qwerty keyboard….”
    A Storm isn’t an iPhone… the iPhone isn’t a Storm. The Storm is a business tool first, a toy second….The iPhone is an entertainment device first…. It depends what you want but mostly what you need! Not to mention, there are so many positives to the Storm, from extra memory cards ( very useful ), changeable battery, cut and paste feature……I think the Storm is more than suitable for what it’s intended for….If you want a fun device, look at the iPhone, or a workhorse, get the Storm…

  3. 3 Ahmed Eltawil

    I agree with Jefferson. The ball is still in Apple’s court which others are trying hard to grab it. Microsoft will ‘eventually’ release a totally revamped Windows Mobile version (which I am not getting my hopes up on just yet). But one thing for sure, 2009 is going to be very interesting when it comes to smartphones.

  4. 4 ThaWiz

    Wow, those are astonishing numbers. RIM has owned and will always own the smartphone market and I can’t see them dominating the touchscreen phone market for a while. I agree with Jefferson somewhat but saying “[RIM reacting to productS Apple has on the market]” is a gross overstatement. Do I really need to explain why? And i’m hoping the war you are talking about is for best touchscreen phone interface. B/c yes, the iphone has won. But as far as best smartphone, the iphone is leagues behind Blackberrys and many WinMo devices. Have yall seen Touch HD?

  5. 5 Kyle

    My thoughts are that RIM would be serving themselves and us best by taking longer to eventually release the next Storm version using the time to truly perfect the hardware while perfecting the software and showing their support of the line with frequent updates.

    The launch might have been lukewarm, but the next launch whenever that will be, would benefit from the improvements to the current Storm we have being often and highly visible.

  6. 6 cms

    Does a sample size of 61 really make sense when millions of these things are being sold?

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