BlackBerry Curve 8900 spec sheet appears, corporate deliveries by this weekend?

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The droogs over at BlackBerry News have published the BlackBerry Curve 8900’s spec sheet. Remember the BlackBerry Curve 8900, formerly known as the BlackBerry Javelin? You can’t be blamed if you don’t, with all the recent BlackBerry Storm hoopla. However, after a bunch of BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands on reviews, we haven’t heard much else, as Rogers appears to be soft launching the device, and AT&T has kept mum.

BlackBerry News says that Rogers may begin shipping the BlackBerry Curve 8900 to corporate customers as early as tomorrow, which coincides with what we’ve been hearing. The rest of us hoi polloi will have to wait, possibly until Monday, December 8th. We’ve posted the Curve 8900’s specs and possible Rogers pricing after the jump. Anyone have a good idea why Rogers is doing nothing to promote the device for the holidays?

Potential Rogers BlackBerry Curve Pricing

* $179 on a 3 year with voice and data of $45 or more.
* $549 month to month or 1 year.
* $524 on a 2 year with no data.
* $499 on a 2 year with data.
* $499 on a 3 year with no data.

  • Greg Gebhardt
    There is nothing wrong with a NON-3G, your email and phone calls get to you no faster with 3G. For many EDGE is the most dependable until the carriers get the 3G network built. This will be an excellent corp. issued phone.
  • AAnonymous
    when is this phone coming to sprint???
  • Yasir Faheem
    May be they are not saying anything about it because this device does not have 3g. Only Edge and gprs.
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