BlackBerry Storm 9520 and Pearl Flip 82XX - Rogers 3G BlackBerry Blowout

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While the rest of us were quietly enjoying the Holidays with our family, one lone blogger was out working the streets for the latest in BlackBerry leaks. My boy Troy Brown over at BlackBerry News has uncovered photos of two upcoming Rogers BlackBerry Releases: the BlackBerry Storm 9520 and the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 82xx.

Here’s what’s known about each device so far. Both will feature 3G HSDPA. The BlackBerry Storm 9520 will feature Wi-Fi and the Pearl Flip 82xx will feature asecondary video camera for video calling. Both will be coming to Fido as well. No word yet on eventual release dates, but it looks like we weren’t that far off previously. You can see more slides after the jump!

|via BBNews|

  • sergio68
    Hey there,
    I just email Rogers asking about storm 9520.

    And here is the replay:

    Hi there,

    For competitive reasons , we don't talk about future products or services before they are announced. Best regards,

    What do u think....
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