BlackBerry Storm screen won’t scratch

Any BlackBerry Curve user knows that screen scratching can be a huge issue. Put that BlackBerry in your pocket with your keys too many times and you just bought yourself an expensive paperweight. Thankfully, the video above shows that this won’t be an issue with the BlackBerry Storm. A tip of our hat to the brave soul who thought that attacking his Storm with a hunting knife was a good idea.

|via MobileSyrup|

2 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm screen won’t scratch”

  1. 1 Frank Paolino

    Wow! Thanks for doing the scratch test for all of us who are not brave enough to take a knife to our screen! Maybe I will lose the protective case and special eyeglass wiping cloth, too.

  2. 2 Usdachoice

    This is bunk! My storm screen is all scratched up just from just being in my pocket. I have never placed the phone in my pocket with anything and the screen is all scratched up. This is almost as frustrating as trying to actually use the phone.

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