David Pogue responds to review criticism

Following up on his article responding to criticism for his review of the BlackBerry Storm, New York Times technology critic David Pogue has hit the TV circuit. I normally wouldn’t have posted this, as after Al Sacco’s rebuttal, I feel I am over Pogue’s review. However, the video is an excellent lesson for RIM. RIM knew they were releasing an OS update shortly after launch, we knew it, but David Pogue didn’t. If RIM had told him rather than keeping mum, they probably wouldn’t have received such a negative review from one of the most influential voices in the technology world. Click the link below to see Pogue’s CNBC interview.

David Pogue talks BlackBerry Storm on CNBC

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  1. 1 Bob

    Pogue sells a user guide to the iPhone. He stands to make money from a well selling iPhone so knocking a competitor makes perfect sense

    Why is journalism not required to decalre these obvious conficts of interest?

  2. 2 jackel

    I have never seen anyone get more attention for giving a bad review. The guys a jackass.

  3. 3 JayD

    Why would anybody trust anything written in NYT anyway?
    Here’s the fact. A good journalist or a reporter should have known that there’s an update coming. RIM didn’t have to tell him anything.

  4. 4 david pogue

    “A good journalist or a reporter should have known that there’s an update coming”

    Sorry, but that’s very silly. A good journalist does not believe (or print) Web rumor. He goes directly to the source-in my case, the BlackBerry Storm product manager-and ASKS.


  5. 5 Kyle

    @ david

    Printing rumour as fact would indeed be silly, but simply sharing the most up-to-date-but-not-necessarily-confirmed-info would not be.

    I had thought rumours or promises of patches would have been what lead to the omission of all the bugs the iPhone 3G suffered at launch from your 3G review, unless there was more then one review and I just happened across the one reserved for all the positive remarks.

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool

    Mr. Pogue!

    Thanks for the comment. I agree that a good journalist must receive information from the source, but I believe there are often many sources to a story. In this case, RIM PR or in fact the Storm Product Manager might not be willing to divulge the full story, as it may be in their best interest to quietly deal with bug/glitches. Other sources, which may provide more accurate information, in this case would be the RIM dev teams working on the OS builds, many of which would be willing to pass along a version of the updates they’re working on with a friendly email request.

    I think it is this point which would also lead me to believe that there is a difference between ‘Web rumor’ and valuable - if unnamed - sources willing to speak the truth.

  1. 1 David Pogue Fires Back at Critics of BlackBerry Storm Review

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