“Do you need help with your BlackBerry?” (Weekly Contest)

Oftentimes with the BlackBerry Cool Weekly Contest, we ask your thoughts on a topic of the day, heeding the myriad voices of the BlackBerry Nation to better our understanding of what you want and what you’re thinking. Now we want to give back.

We want you to post any problems you have with the BlackBerry: things that won’t work, things that you need to fix, things that you’ve never known how to do and would like to. Help us help you by posting what you want — or need — to know.

WE’RE GIVING AWAY 10 FREE LIVESCREENS BY DREAMTHEME TO THE FIRST TEN POSTERS (with a valid question) and 3 LiveScreens to the three best questions. To learn more about LiveScreens, check out the articles below:

LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout!
Hands On with LiveScreens from DreamTheme

P.S. I know I’ve been pretty bad in getting prizes out to winners lately. I’m dedicating myself to rectifying this issue over the weekend. If you’ve won a prize and haven’t been reached by BlackBerry Cool, please get ahold of us via the Contact link below the BBCool header.

52 Responses to ““Do you need help with your BlackBerry?” (Weekly Contest)”

  1. 1 Andrew Moreau

    Hey Blackberry Cool,

    I do need some help. I upgraded my operating system on my Blackberry Curve 8330 (Bell) and now it sporadically freezes up on me, forcing me to pull the battery to reset it. I have re-installed the operating system twice since then and it doesn’t help. Is it a flaw in

    Thanks in advance to any info you have one this issue.

  2. 2 Melissa

    How do I stop losing memory? I seem to have a horrible memory leak regardless of programs or OS. I have to reboot several times a day to prevent my messages from auto deleting. Help!

  3. 3 Patricia Hotz

    I have a Blackberry Bold and I woud like to know how to download my DVD’s to the phone with the best picture quality. I normally use the blackberry converter that is free through handango, but the quality is not good, the picture is very pixelated. I want to get quality like the demo videos on the Bold.
    Can you help please?

  4. 4 Quinn

    Hello all! Well here is my question, or peeve I guess. I realize there are (essentially)different folders for your separate email accounts, but how do I create folders for specific senders, etc., like rules in Entourage or Outlook?

    I think this would be a convenient feature if it existed, it may, but my understanding is that it does not. Do other users feel my pain?

    Currently I have over 26 folders for email in Entourage, spread across 5 different email accounts, easy at a glance I suppose.

  5. 5 Dennis W

    What are the difference between all the different browser types in BlackBerry and how to best use them for optimal browsing experience? Also, on the BES server, how can I protect my browsing so that the data will not go through BES.


  6. 6 Mark Stahler

    How do I know when an application is exited vs running in the background. I have a ton of 3rd party apps and I HATE when they dont exit when I tell them do and spawn the red led alerts when I am led to believe they are exited. ANNOYING!

  7. 7 Damian Smith

    I’m new to blackberry after having nokia’s for the last few years and I’m wondering if you seen any issues with a bolds battery life? I’m finding that mine is running out after about 14 hours with email and internet use throughout the day.

    Is that normal or should it be longer?

  8. 8 Jay

    I have 3 questions pertaining to my bold:

    [1] How do I control which sites load as a .mobi site and a standard site…… like NY Times. Sometimes its standard sometimes its .mobi. I want to pick when what is what.

    [2] The Bold comes with VPN functionality - but my neither of my routers are listed on my Bold. Can the VPN work with other routers than listed? and how?

    [3] Is there a service like Hotspot Shield [http://hotspotshield.com/] for the BB to surf anonymously over public WiFi networks?

  9. 9 Marin

    What the easiest and quickest way to launch Bluetooth with one click?

  10. 10 anthony

    I’ve been a blackberry user for quite sometime but have always managed to have this problem with every phone i’ve owned:

    I currently have the storm and was wondering why the web browser hasn’t been fixed or if i’m doing something wrong…every time I load a page over 150kb (or sometimes even 100kb) my phone seems to enter a “stage four sleep” mode where it just freezes and takes forever to render a page.
    Is there any way to streamline my web browser for loading FULL WEBSITES rather than mobile sites, and besides using OPERA MINI whats the next best alternative?

  11. 11 Max

    Is there a way to automatically turn off the led at night so it dont light the whole room.

  12. 12 Davy Ly

    What is the quickest way to create a sms?

  13. 13 Mike Brown


    I have a Curve 8300 (AT&T) which came with OS 4.2. I upgraded to an official release of 4.3, and a problem arose. Any time I send an MMS/picture message that doesn’t send completely (about 50% of my messages), the unit freezes for a long time and won’t accomplish anything else. It will unfreeze after about an hour, and work normally, but the MMS will never send. I upgraded to an unofficial OS, hoping this would address the problem, to no avail. I have good signal and coverage here. I do have a good-quality SD card that’s over 70% full, and it seems to affect (but not solve) the problem if I remove it.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  14. 14 SinisterJunkie

    Does anyone know a way to switch profiles automatically based on time, agenda, power, etc.?

  15. 15 Ivan Williams

    I want to know why when I’m CC’d or BCC’d in an email, it doesn’t show it on my BOLD anymore?

    It did yesterday, and ealier this morning…

  16. 16 Chris

    I would like to know how I can get podcasts to my blackberry flip?

  17. 17 Jay

    One more thing: A kist if BOLD only games…. I have had trouble with games running on the Bold even though they are listed as compatible.

  18. 18 kathy

    I have a pearl 8100 and I was wondering if there was a quick way to change songs while listening to my music player. I know you can hit “p” and “n” on the curve for previous and next but that doesn’t work on my pearl.

  19. 19 kyle

    How do I sync my media with an external server so I can stream content directly to my BlackBerry without storing anything on device?

  20. 20 bilkal828

    I’m dyin for a DreamTheme, but stupid AT&T does not support 4.5OS !!!!
    I want to upgrade my 8310 Curve with 4.5 How do I do that!! Gotta have a Live Screen!!

  21. 21 Jas

    I have a curve with bell and was wondering how to convert movies into a format virwable on my phone?

  22. 22 Marcus

    How do I get other carrrier themes on my blackberry curve 8330????

  23. 23 Jas

    I have a curve with bell and was wondering how to convert movies into a format viewable on my phone?

  24. 24 jose m

    How do I get rid of that pesky hour glass?!

  25. 25 jose

    how do i get rid of that pesky hour glass?

  26. 26 Susan arredondo

    My blackberry has been clearing at random all of my phone Log. Yesterday it also cleared all my text messages. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it from doing it?

  27. 27 paul

    How do I clean the trackball? Is there a way to remove the yellow?

  28. 28 paul

    Is Kyle allowed to enter? Isn’t that Kyle of quickly bored? Lol

  29. 29 ryan

    How do you change the default browser from the blackberry one to a 3rd party browser app?

  30. 30 Lam Tea

    When adding TO while composing message, I want blackberry to be able to provide options on which method a message will be sent, i.e. PIN, EMAIL or even SMS. In short, send a message via multi-mode in a single compose.

  31. 31 kasey

    I do actually have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to and win or lose if I can get the solution I’m doing good! My problem is this when I upgraded my AT&T 8310 to os 4.5 I was told I was suppose to be able to view youtube videis but everytime I have tried I get a blank screen and the phone freezes? I have tried the bass boost thing but to no avail can anyone help???

  32. 32 David

    BB Bold - what does red LED 4 flashes then nothing then another 4 flashes mean?
    No boot, black screen, dead apart from the LED flashing red 4 times.
    I assumed it was bricked and returned for replacement but I’d like to know what it meant.

  33. 33 pink2

    This is great, I do have a question that I have been thinking about asking someone. I am a new BB user and don’t want to hurt my baby.
    I am using the default theme that came on my AT&T Bold and I have moved icons around to my liking and hidden others as well as added new apps.
    I do backups on my pc for both the standard backup function and 3rd party apps.
    I would like to try changing the theme, but i have read that the theme controls what icons get diplayed andi don’t want to lose any that I currently have.
    My question is twofold 1 will I still have access to all my apps including the carrier based ones like CV and 2 if I don’t like the theme and want to go back to how my phone is now can I just do a restore from my PC and have all my settings be the same.
    Or will I have to redo everything again? The reason I ask is there is another them that was installed on the phone when I purchased it and when I switched to it I lost all the carrier icons.
    It is kinda funny that this contest is for an app that would eliminate these concerns on the theme part but I really would like to know what does the restore function actually restore and how much do I lose doing that?

  34. 34 Joe

    I have a curve 8310 and I can’t seem to listen to mp3’s with my bluetooth. They either come out of the headset speaker or the speaker phone. I’m using the build in media player.

  35. 35 Kyle S.

    How do I get rid of phantom messages that get “stuck” in the external display on the Blackberry 8220?

  36. 36 Mike

    I have something that has been bugging me for months and I know other users have this also. My verizon 8330 curve always displays the hour glass at random times and sometimes it take 5+ minutes for it to go away. Just the other day I woke up to my BBSmart alarm program and BAM got stuck with an hour glass so I could not even turn it off. My girlfriend about this this thing out the window..hah. So, is there any way on helping this or do I need to get it replaced by one of those crazy ass verizon reps?

  37. 37 Steve Partridge

    Blackberry Messenger does two crazy things (occasionally)

    1) Often when I add someone from my contact list (PIN is part of their info) instead of adding them I get an invite from myself

    2) Occasionally I will get the icon that someone has sent me a blackberry message but there is nothing there



  38. 38 Patrick

    How do I set a specific SMS text notification for a certain contact?

    Thank You

  39. 39 Jay

    I just thought of one more - this kills me: How can you separate Voicemail notifications from SMS notifications.

    I would like SMS to be on vibrate and VM to be a Vib & Ring. This drives me crazy! Is there any way to do this?

  40. 40 RAchel

    I would like to turn off my work email on the weekends and weeknights. Can this be done w/ ease?

  41. 41 Colt

    Why flash or vidio don’t load do I need to change setting. Thanks.

  42. 42 Bill Timotheatos

    I am now onto my second Blackberry with the Bold. Previously had the 8320. Both do not have any sip client and was wondering why. You would think that with the wifi feature, that this would be addressed. Anyone out there have news on this?


  43. 43 Salomon

    How do i caps lock on the pearl ?

  44. 44 John Davidson

    Why hasn’t anyone said download podcasts? I know you can use Juiced but it sure would be nice to just have them show up on my BB. The beta of Viigo gave it a try but then they removed it shortly after since it was buggy. Any ideas? Viigo, please put it back in the privet beta if your reading this.

  45. 45 Rita G

    The smallest things seem to bother me the most some times. I copied my contacts from my old phone ( Rzr V3XX) to my new blackberry 8310 and only 1 number per contact shows. I have some contacts who I call either at work, home or can email or text or who call me from various numbers that I like to keep but unless I load each location separately ( liz work, liz home, liz shop, etc), I have gone in and manually loaded all this info per contact but I still only have one access per contact. What’s up with that?

  46. 46 cassie

    I just added the myspace app 2 my phone when it first came out, it works ok however I don’t get new notifications, so everytime I log into myspace on the pc I always have tons of comments 2 approve. I tried looking up some info on the help site but it didn’t tell me anything. Does anyone know anyway 2 fix the problem?

  47. 47 Tracy

    Not so much worried about the contest, but my 8830 keeps deleting all of my texts automatically, clearing read and unread texts, phone logs and email for no reason. I have no apps on my phone (recently wiped it) and a 2GB memory card. This can’t be a memory issue can it? Need help!!

    Plus, I find my self resetting the phone two or three times a day by taking the battery out. It keeps freezing for no reason.

  48. 48 Chuck

    My area has a very weak signal strength for 3G and so my phone uses up a fully charged battery in less than 10 hours. How can I temporarily TURN OFF 3G until ATT can repair this problem as promised?

  49. 49 Tashanna

    Why is that when I fwd some emails w/attachments directly from my blackberry, the recipient doesn’t get the attachment? But I was able to view it from blackberry.

  50. 50 Susan

    I have a few questions, in playing the Guitar Hero, the game freezes the phone (8130 Pearl, 4.5 os), what can I do to avoid the freezing?
    Next question, what movie converters stand out for the bb, and what file types look best or work best to view the movies on the phone?
    Is there an icon available for msging and email that resembles a star, like the blackberry 3g symbol, the upside down question mark, etc?
    And last, when sending someone an address from the address book to the bb messenger, why does the pin not come through?

  51. 51 Crystal

    Since upgrading my Verizon 8330 to version, I can no longer view PDF’s. I recenting purchased the Storm and had the same problem. Although, I returned the Storm due to the fact I did not like for other reasons. I want to be able to view any documents on my device, all Microsoft documents and PDF’s.

  52. 52 Sam

    I have a question on the emails. Is there a way to sort by the user like you can in Outlook?

    Crystal, I have 8330 and and my PDFs are fine. My guess is when you updated the OS, it downgraded your Documents To Go version or deleted it completely if you had premium version. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8330-v4.5.0.97_P3.2.0.52 and change the extension of DocumentsToGo.alx to .old and it should be fine.

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