EasyTip v.2.1.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!

Tipping is a delicate art. If you’re looking for an application that will help ensure you don’t poorly tip that extremely foxy waiter or waitress of yours, I strongly suggest picking up EasyTip by Adorno. It’s easy to use, very responsive and - as far as a tip calculator goes - offers several features to help make settling up that much easier.

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OS Support: BlackBerry OS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7
Price: $3.49
Company/Developer: Adorno
Where to buy: The BlackBerry Cool Store!
Official user guide: None.

6 Responses to “EasyTip v.2.1.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!”

  1. 1 Matt

    I wonder about the value of this kind of an app. It seems to me that calculating a tip is not a particularly difficult exercise in one’s own head. To me, the mental gymnastics of calculating 15% (10% at the bar) and dividing by the number of people sharing the expense is one I can perform much more quickly than whipping out my BB, finding the program, and keypunching in bill particulars.

    I’d rather keep the four bucks for a really nice glass of ale….

  2. 2 Jonathan Brandon

    I suppose it depends on how much you discount your own abilities to do that sort of math while inebriated… hah!

  3. 3 addictedtoBB

    I don’t need to pay to figure out 20%. I can do that in my head. And, Jonathan, as you pointed out, if I were drunk, I’d be able to still use my calculator. This app is a joke.

  4. 4 dbltap

    Where a program like this could have some REAL value is if it could also include the appropriate tip percentage by country. I travel all over the world. And the US 20% is not the norm. Many countries 5% is the norm. Others it’s 10%. Having THAT kind of information at my fingertips would be worth the $5 app cost.

  5. 5 jazz

    I purchased this app for the same reason most people buy gadgets “because it helps and it’s a gadget” some of the folks are taking this way too serious ;) for the price it cannot be beat. Not a point of not being able to count but one of work smarter not harder. For example with large groups, they seldom get it right and then 20 minutes later and with money flying all over the place “get my point”? In ending this saga, this little app is very handy. Just use it when you need it (for you serious type;)

  6. 6 Rob

    Wow, I’m sick of getting charged for little apps that perform a simple function that just about every other device on the planet already has built in. This has to be the dumbest one yet. My old LG 3200 had a freakin’ tip calculator yet it costs $4 to make the latest BlackBerry do the same?

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