FollowUp! v.1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


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  1. 1 justin

    The storm has been advertised in Best Buy canadas print flyer for dec 8th at 249.99

  2. 2 meir grunhut

    I tried installing it and I got a message:
    “Followup: SmrtGuard” contains a module called “com_smtguard_devicecommon.” A module with that name already exists in the “PeekaWho” application. If you proceed, “PeekaWho” will be replaced by “FollowUp:SmrtGuard.” Proceed?

    Question: From the review, it seemed that I could use both and they compliment each other. From this message, it seems that they don’t compliment each other and I can use one or the other. Please let me know what the facts are and what shall I do?

    Thank you.

    Meir Grunhut

  3. 3 Jonathan Brandon

    Hello Meir,

    The only thing being replaced is the module, not the program - and yes, you can use both at the same time, so you can go ahead and proceed and everything should work fine.

    All the best,


  4. 4 Tim Reynolds

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  5. 5 Ray Bell


    ok so I downloaded both apps. And when I tried to install Follow Up it told me it wanted to override the same module so I let it - result: It wiped peekawho!

    Support were excellent - I emailed them and got a new link back, I clicked this and it installed the app and I still have Peekawho (woohoo). The only problem is now that 1) I cant see any short cut to start up ‘follow up’ (presumably there is one to allow you to configure it) 2) Follow Up does not accept my activation code when I try and register.



  6. 6 ed

    Those looking for freebies should look for “save as task”

    If you’re about to buy the more expensive messagealerts then or pocketday then don’t get this yet as those apps also do this.

  7. 7 Ray Bell


    Ok so Follow Up is working, all I need to do is get them to accept my license code and I’m sorted (currently showing trial period 5 days left)!

    Ps Ed, Dont know if that was directed at me, anyway I paid for both of these apps so I aint going to make myself sick by finding I could have downloaded something freeware which is just as good if not better..

    PPS The only thing I dont like about peekawho is that when i get a text message the alert pops up and takes me to my email in box instead of my sms message folder.

  8. 8 SmrtGuard


    I know we exchanged support emails, but if anyone who is having the same problem as Meir. If you have PeeKaWho and want to get FollowUp! Follow these steps:

    1. First install PeeKaWho
    2. Install FollowUp! using this new link:


  9. 9 SmrtGuard

    For more information about FollowUP! and Screenshots:


  10. 10 edhardy

    thanks for sharing

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