Google Sync and Google Mobile Search for BlackBerry updated (BlackBerry Bytes)

For all you Googleheads out there, the Big G has released updates to a few of their BlackBerry applications. Google Sync has has been updated to version 0.5.12 and personal favorite Google Mobile Search has been updated to version 4.1.135. No change logs for either update, but Google works in mysterious ways. You can download both updates by pointing your BlackBerry Browser at the link below:

4 Responses to “Google Sync and Google Mobile Search for BlackBerry updated (BlackBerry Bytes)”

  1. 1 Cyrus

    Google Mobile search is and has been the google mobile app. goes to the app

  2. 2 Nikolaus

    Don’t you mean 3.1.135 and not 4.1.135

  3. 3 artie

    I tried it also and 3.1.135 is the current one.

  4. 4 jim

    I downloaded 5.12 for Sync on weekend to see if the Contacts Sync was fixed. It is still dreadful. Alpha product, not Beta. Google doesn’t have the courage to pull it and remove the show stopper bugs in an internal beta and then re-release to the public. Please be aware that if you used sync for contact sync then you will see duplicates (annoying but not harmful) and you’ll lose contacts (harmful) forever. Back up all your contacts before playing and understand this is an alpha product not ready for public consumption.

  1. 1 Google Sync gets an Update | Berry Reporter

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