“How can we improve BlackBerry Cool Mobile?” (Weekly Contest)

BlackBerry Cool Mobile

The whole BlackBerry Cool team is pretty proud that we just launched BlackBerry Cool Mobile. But, as happy as we are, we know that BlackBerry Cool Mobile is still in beta. That’s why we need your help.

We need you to put BlackBerry Cool Mobile through it’s paces. Kick the tires. Rip it apart and put it back together. Hold nothing back. Post your (constructive) criticism to help make BlackBerry Cool Mobile the best mobile app out there, and we’ll make it worth your while. This week we’re giving away 10 FREE BPLAY GAME/THEME PACKS FOR THE FIRST TEN COMMENTS and TEN MORE FOR THE BEST FEEDBACK.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re giving away a $100 BLACKBERRY COOL STORE GIFT CARD AS THE GRAND PRIZE, to be randomly drawn from all those that posted feedback. What are you waiting for?

Download BlackBerry Cool Mobile now!

34 Responses to ““How can we improve BlackBerry Cool Mobile?” (Weekly Contest)”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    Find a way to allow blog comments to be posted from within the app it’s self rather then having to utilize the full article feature in order to comment :)

  2. 2 LouTreize

    Nice app ladies. I’m enjoying this a lot. It did crash once, when I went to personalize. Apart from that it runs well!

    Giancarlo (LouTreize)

    …I’m using my fathers BB, if you’re wondering.

  3. 3 DS

    It’s exceptionally busy; find a way perhaps to streamline topics so it’s easier for a casual viewer like myself to find what I am looking for, I’d also say try some promotion; I didn’t know about BBC or the mobile site until recently but had a BB for a while.

  4. 4 Bla1ze


    Ya..when requesting new sections…did ya get error 500? I emailed the logs.

  5. 5 Adam

    Looks good on my Pearl. I look forward to giving it a good using.

  6. 6 Nan Palmero

    Hey guys! Great work on the app. Here’s what I’d like to see:

    - Keyboard Shortcuts
    - Ability to click on news or spotlight and it refreshes that section

    Thanks and keep up the outstanding work!


  7. 7 Tron

    Downloading content is sluggish and getting err. 500

  8. 8 Victoria Wagner

    Just got done downloading and checking out this app. And I love it. It loads qiucker than any other news feed app. Pics and all. I can’t add any new feed catagories in the personalization but that is only minor as long as I get all the important BB news and updates. Thank you everyone at Blackberry Cool. Finally a way to get BB info without using that slow browser. I am running the BB curve 8330 os 4.5 through alltel unlimited data plan. Thanks again. Victoria

  9. 9 artie

    Great application, the only problem I have is that I am pretty maxed out on Device memory and I can’t add anything else this large. I have a Sprint 8130 with about 6Mb in the mornings and by nightime with the usual memory leaks I end up with about 1Mb.
    I hope Sprint gets the new Curve 8900; plenty of memory there.

  10. 10 J Fenn

    Hey All, I’m having trouble getting it to run on my bold, any ideas?

  11. 11 Deacon

    I think it looks good. My only feedback is that a lot of the images render very small on my pearl. Either render larger or add a feature to enlarge images. Especially when you’re showing some new hardware or screenshots.

    Also make it easier to add comments from the article summary.

    Nice though. Easy transition for anyone who uses viigo.

  12. 12 Damian Smith

    Another nice app for me to use and abuse.

    Refreshing sections would be great tho!

  13. 13 Deacon

    sorry. Also, more options a la viigo “render rich content” or any options that might make this more accessible for those poor souls who don’t have a good data plan.

    Also, less is more! Like someone said before, 184kb is a big bite for those of us who are rocking the pearl (until sprint hopefully gets the 8900 anyway).
    Sorry for the double commenting. You guys rock.

  14. 14 Shawn

    I agree with Bla1ze. The ability to post blog comments would be great.

  15. 15 Deacon

    @artie dude, I feel your pain! I’ve got the same phone on the same Carrier with the exact same average memory and the exact same leak problems. I had to delete vlingo to install the bbcool app. I am always juggling apps vs memory.

    C’mon Sprint and get the new curve!

  16. 16 Nicholas

    I would like to see the ability to add comments from the mobile app itself. Also, the images, specifically under software, is too small to see. Other than that I really like this.

  17. 17 brad

    1-make a slot in the homepage so you dont have to open a blog entry to post a comment
    2- be Able to post forum comment and questions
    3-Add “mobile only” exclusive entries (If you want to read them then you have to download the app)and then tease people by saying in the blog “New Mobile Exclusive Entry”

  18. 18 tekken

    Cool app; but i was hoping to be able to find previous news/older entries. And leaving comments would be nice :)

  19. 19 Jessi

    great idea guys! When I go to personalize nothing happens and sometimes the personalize option isn’t even there…

  20. 20 mcangeli

    I tried leaving some comments via my bold but they didn’t show….

    Anyways, its a nice little app. Clean, quick to load after the initial start. I do like how everything is in categories/topics, though I think I’ll stick with viigo for a while. At least until I can comment and leave comments through the bbcool app.

  21. 21 Joe K

    This is great! Honestly, there aren’t many things I look forward to in my boring life except for blackberry cool articles. Naturally, I got extremely excited when I read about the release of this marvelous piece of software.

    That said, I notice a couple things I’d like changed:

    1. The default home screen has all sections expanded. That is too much for my small brain to handle all at once. So maybe consider letting the mindless consumer (like myself) determine the layout of the home screen.

    2. If you really want to “kick it up a notch,” add a telepathy feature. This way blackberrycool.com can read my thoughts and send the appropriate feeds straight to my brain.

    All kidding aside, I haven’t played around with it too much but it seems as if you stuck with what would be expected of a blackberrycool application: the ability to effectively deliver information. Sometimes the simplest things make the largest impacts.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. 22 Jeff

    1. The initial load seems slow on a Storm over EV-DO.
    2. The app does not support landscape on the Storm.
    3. Would like the option how often to update the content.
    4. Ability to choose what connection method, BIS, BES, MDS, or direct TCP/IP.

  23. 23 gridskipper

    Missed it by THAT much! Maybe I’ll get lucky and get randomly picked. Anyway…the app is BEAUTIFUL on my Storm. I either missed it or it’s not there but will we be able to comment on the posts from the app at some point or maybe have a ’share on *’ link? Great app!

  24. 24 JerryD

    Well I guess I’m too late to qualify as one of the first 10 comments ;(.

    Anyway, first thing, you should add the “Downloads” folder to the list of folders the application may install to. That’s where it installed (as I expected) on my Bold.

    First off, I couldn’t tell if the app was using my Wi-Fi connection. I appreciate when an application makes it obvious.

    I love that you have the date in the title bar, but would love to see the time there too.

    How often does it Auto Update? There’s only a Yes and No Option - I’d like to have control of how often, or if it’s a true “push” service, for it to be more apparent.

    I tried “Personalize” both the link and from the Menu, but it didn’t do anything.

    I realize this is YOUR baby, but I’d like the ability to add other feeds.

    Also, the [Back] key exits the application. I’d like to be able to set it to move to the background when I hit [Back]. Although the font size is fine, I’d also like to be able to control at least the font size, if not be able to pick what font to use.

    All in all, a very nice application. Very quick, easy to navigate, nice looking. Nice work!

  25. 25 Jessi

    Heeeyyy like magic it works today!
    I think I’d like to see the ability to condense the topics so that you could possible open one at a time and the other topics are still there… Or am I just confusing everyone??

  26. 26 Joe K

    I guess someone was offended by my post. interesting…

  27. 27 Bob

    Nice App

  28. 28 Khim Soo Loh

    BlackBerry Cool Mobile is awesome! It is really CooL! Keep up the good works!!! I just love it. I am so happy it has his very own mobile version :P


  29. 29 Josh Lloyd

    I have not installed it, but I read over the description of the app. What’s the difference between this program and Viigo? Sounds like it’s just a blackberrycool-ONLY version of viigo, only not as advanced. Just an RSS reader! I don’t get it, guys, what’s the point? Just so you can say you have your own program? That’s kind of what it seems like. The only problem is, us BB users try to consolidate the memory usage on our BB’s as much as possible, and if we can get the updates that are going to this program through Viigo, we can cut out the middle man- Blackberrycool Mobile, save some room and BB crashes in the process.

    Sorry guys, you’re going to have to try a lot harder to make it onto MY BB. If you really wanna know what us users need, personally, I think we need a nice versatile info-searching program. Something that works on ALL of our blackberries. Not just gsm or just cdma. Something quick. Something that takes minimal steps to get you where you need to go. That’s the problem I’ve run into. Tellme is a nice program. Very pretty to look at, modern, lots of features and easy to use, but it isn’t versatile. It wasn’t available for the T-Mobile 8800 (my phone) but was for AT&T. I installed it anyway, and dealt with a phone crash now and then. Got sick of it and deleted it. Google maps is nice, but only does business and location searches. It also gives you the hourglass and makes you sit and wait now and then. Their new program is nice, but again, it requires multiple steps to get you where you need to go.

    I wanna look up showtimes at my regular theaters without putting in my location every time. I wanna search for definitions, history, and origins of words, phone numbers, addresses, maps, etc at the touch of a button, in a nice program that doesn’t feel like I’m still in 1998 (berry411). I can’t seem to find that program.

  30. 30 Alex

    Hi there i cannot get it to run on storm any ideas? When i click on activate account says “try later”…??

  31. 31 jon

    good tool in general.

    suggestion: maybe it can allow user choose different interface (UI) theme and color, choose language, regionalize news and updates

  32. 32 Susan Chappel

    I love this app! The pictures are clear, the app is easy to move around in, I love the options, the clarity, and the way the pages load without having to use any effort.
    I like the headlines and how you have them separated. Great job!

  33. 33 Susan Chappel

    The only thing lacking is the ability to add comments through the app itself. I had trouble loading it at first, but it was because of my emulation settings, once I changed it to blackberry on the browser, I was good to go. I can’t find much more that needs to be enhanced. This is one of the apps I’m going to advise my blackberry customers and coworkers to download. The News, The Spotlight, the New Software, and the Weekly Contest all show clearly and so easy to navigate. I like the way the Extras display, I am really impressed with this app, more so than some others I have tried. I can’t say enough, except thank you!!!!

  34. 34 Brett Gardiner

    I liked it. Clean and sleek, fairly simple, comes with options, gets me the information that I want, it’s free. But so what?
    As with most news orientated applications, I think everyone should be asking themselves, Why this over Viigo?
    I want BBCool news feeds, but c’mon, someone over there tell me why I should make room in my already limited memory for this application?
    I WANT someone to come up with a good answer.

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