Introducing… BlackBerry Cool Mobile (Beta)!

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Bringing the best of BlackBerry Cool right to your BlackBerry!

So we have to admit it… It’s pretty embarrassing being a BlackBerry weblog without a decent mobile solution. With the notable exception of BlackBerry Cool To Go, there has really been no good way to get BlackBerry Cool content on your BlackBerry…. until now.

We’re proud to introduce BlackBerry Cool Mobile, which places a little piece of the ‘Cool right on your BB. You can click the download link below, and learn more about BlackBerry Cool Mobile after the jump!

Download the BlackBerry Cool Mobile Beta!

The idea behind BlackBerry Cool Mobile was to take the best aspects of the BlackBerry Cool website and make it available to every member of the BlackBerry Nation. Unsatisfied with the current web browsing experience on most BlackBerrys, we decided the best way to do this was to make our very own BlackBerry application. Having our own application allows us to push you all the latest in BlackBerry news, reviews and how-to’s in a streamlined and visually appealing fashion. Plus, the BlackBerry Cool Tie Guy™ is now an icon on your BlackBerry — how cool is that!

BlackBerry Cool Mobile comes with four default sections: News, Spotlight, Weekly Contest and BBCool Store. However, we know that BlackBerry Cool readers get their ‘Cool fix in different ways, so we’ve included the ability to personalize your BlackBerry Cool Mobile app. By selecting the Personalize button, you can add or remove any feed you wish. It is here that you’ll be able to add other popular BlackBerry Cool content sections like Reviews or Editorials.

Reading content in BlackBerry Cool Mobile is fast and easy, just like on the BlackBerry Cool website. Images and links show up as they would on the website, and you can bookmark articles to be read later or email them to a friend. While we don’t yet have BlackBerry Cool Mobile integrated with comments on the main site, this feature is coming soon! For now, you can simply email in your article feedback and we’ll do the rest.

Remember, BlackBerry Cool Mobile is still in beta, so the most important feature is the Send Feedback button. While we have a feature roadmap, we want to hear your thoughts. Kick the tires and let us know what works and what doesn’t, what you like and what you want to see more of. Beta testers, be forewarned: BlackBerry Cool Mobile is a premium application, and thus only those with a respectable data plan should be using it with regularity.

Download the BlackBerry Cool Mobile Beta!
Email us your feedback about the BlackBerry Cool Mobile Beta!

A huge thanks goes out from BlackBerry Cool to everyone at Polar Mobile. They busted their butts to make BlackBerry Cool Mobile a reality, and we only cheered them on. Thanks, folks!

  • Ryan
    I agree with the above that the pushdown is great, but I would like to see more versatility with the forum browsing. The BB really needs a great browser that is able to handle forum formats and this one seems very aesthetically pleasing. Great start!
  • Simon
    Very cool guys! Like Steve said, even though the interface is nicer, it will take a lot to replace Viigo in favour of a dedicated single-site application. If we could access the other SmokeLabs sites from the same app, that would give it a bit more bang for buck. The bookmarking is cool, and much better than the e-mailing option in Viigo. Commenting from the device would certainly give you a leg-up on 'em, and if forums ever come into the picture, this would be a nice interface for it. Most forums currently run on WAP sites are pretty lacklustre.
  • Cyclops
    Very cool, I would like to see an alert setting, so we can be notified of new post.
  • Gary Hyink
    You can improve Blackberry Cool connecting me to sponsors who are trying to give me something, not sell me something.

    Google search, "Gary Hyink" and have a great day!

  • Threekings
    Looking good CM team! Just putting Cool mobile through some paces.
    So far, though I like the setup. Great work!
  • Steve
    I get the BlackBerry Cool news via viigo on by Pearl. Trying to minimize the apps on my BB - you know, reduce the digital footprint.
    So not certain if I am going to give BB Cool Mobile a spin.
  • gridskipper
    Nice! I love it! Will we be able to post comments from it at some point? Maybe a share on * option? Seriously, though, the UI is SMOOTH! Keep it up!
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