4 Responses to “MySpace for BlackBerry surpasses 1 million downloads in 1 month”

  1. 1 gvegas864

    the link “www.myspace.com/blackberry (MySpace BlackBerry Community page)” does not take the user to the BB myspace page, redirects to http://www.blackberrycool.com/2005/07/blackberry%c2%ae-connectivity-available-for-cyrus-imap-server-using-consilient2/

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool

    Fixed! Thanks for the keen eye.

  3. 3 kyle

    Has anyone used this?

    I’m curious about your ability to play music off a profile page. Does the mobile version offer the music? Is it recoded in Java? I’d love to be able to play my favorite artists right off my BlackBerry.

  4. 4 Linda

    Just got mine yesterday and as much as I loved my old one, I do like this one. I like the feel of it and it has improved options. Odd thing happened though, before I connected to my enterprise server, to get my e-mails, the camera worked fine. But now that I am connected the camera won’t work, says I need to close open applications? The video camera works. I think it is odd. Any idea what might be going on?

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