NotNow v.1.1 Reviewed!


I like the concept of NotNow and to some extent how it works. The application works well, it’s not buggy at all and it is dependable. I also like being able to chose from one of a theoretically infinite amount of SMS messages to send to someone when I’m just not able to take their call. Making this application more automated would be a step in the right direction though, since many BlackBerry users may be out of reach and would like a service similar to automated email responses - without having to approve and send it yourself (e.g. “I am away from my device until 6 pm. At a conference. etc.”).


  • Works well
  • Inexpensive
  • Customize and store an infinite amount of draft SMS’s


  • Lacks certain automation features that would come in handy, and for some, constitute the deal maker (or breaker) for purchasing this application


After trying NotNow for a few days, I can say that this is a pretty handy application. It works well, and it definitely saves time when you need to quickly respond to a caller and you are unable to speak to for any number of reasons. Whether you’re being held up at a bank or in a meeting all day, NotNow will allow you to tell your friends you’re busy without being too much of a jerk (after all, you did just ignore a call). While I still think it lacks a bit of automation - which could potentially make this application that much better, NotNow is a worthy purchase and I’m very happy with it.


4.5 out of 5

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