Oh, Canada: did you get a BlackBerry Storm today?

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First Telus announced the launch of the BlackBerry Storm 9530, and their web site went on ‘back order’ within hours. Then, Bell follows suit with their own BlackBerry Storm 9530 launch, but only in select GTA stores today, with the rest of the country to follow tomorrow. Crazy stuff, folks!

Similar to what we did for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm launch, we’re looking to build a page dedicated to helping Canadian Storm Chasers. Please, post a comment and let the BlackBerry Nation know if you were able to pick up a Storm today from either carrier, at what location, and if there are any more in stock. Consider this page to be ground zero for the Canadian BlackBerry Storm launch.

United we stand, divided we’re a bunch of Treo users.

  • PC

    yeah that's what we did. I already had data though so I had to change the configuration? of my plans to avail of the deal. anyway, my point was, the wireless wave manager at the Richmond Centre branch helped me get that sucker home.
  • mike
    Hey guys, about this shorted of storms. Ive been posting that if your in the edmonton area, the store i work at(wirelesswave) can get anyone, new or existing customers a storm immediatly.

    We have more then enough storms available, as do all the stores inventories i can check on a daily basis, with over 250 stores across canada...

    Hit up any wireless wave, and you'll have 0 problems getting a storm. 0. Tbere is not a rep there that will turn you away. And pc, when you have an upgrade available, by adding data, you get an additional 200 credit on the upgrade for the storm. Giving you the new customer pricing...

    Again if your in the edmonton area, you can give me a shout, and i can set aside a storm for you np, new or existing customers.... 7809904118
  • PC

    Have you tried going to Wireless Wave? I got mine in Richmond, BC and encountered the same thing. I was an existing customer and they called me in to let me know that a Storm came in for me. Then when we were about to activate it, the Bell rep at the other end goes, it's going to be $450 or so since I could "avail" of my loyalty credit of $250 towards the retail price of $650 or so. I argued and told them that why are new activations getting it for the promo price of $249.99 and I cannot, being the "loyal" customer that I am. Then this went on for minutes and finally the manager had to hang up and call the Bell rep back. Turns out that only "NEW" activations can avail of the promo price BUT if you upgrade your plan (i.e. reconfig your data rates - I had the Smartphone 45 combo and has to go with the other combo) you can be considered as a "NEW" subscriber.

    To cut the long story short, I walked out with my Storm right then and there.

    Try Wireless Wave. They don't think as highly of themselves there as compared to Bell Store reps.
  • Amin
    It is partially true that RIM is having production and delivery issues of the Storm, nonetheless, I was at a store and the clerk was able to show me the phone to try it out, but would was not allowed to sell it to me on an upgrade, I'm with Bell, he was only allowed to let me have it if I signed up as a new client, YES another kick in the groin by the Telcos to their existing clients, now doesn't that feel good? NOT!!!
  • Amin
    I'm really surprised that Bell and most (if not all ) Bell Stores are holding back the Storm from existing subscribers, I think they will have enough trouble holding on to their existing clients as it is, and then to treat their premium clients i.e. ones who purchase high end devices and pay higher monthly charges for data plans, as shoddily as they are, it all makes perfect sense to me, as to why Bell is wallowing in the financial doldrums.

    The only reason I'm staying with Bell is because of contractual obligations, and Rogers isn't much better either so ... Am still waiting for the Storm in Greater Toronto Area and it's Jan 13th 2009
  • Greg
    It isnt Telus' fault..or any other provider....BB had production issues and made promises they couldnt keep. I was told this right out of the gate ny Telus and got my storm a week ago
  • michael
    John: wireless wave, west edmonton mall. First floor.(west end of city) If you want , fire me a text if you need one set aside. As well If you have any friends in edmonton, add their name onto your account, and they can get it upgraded for you np. and we can ship it overnite to you.... just a thought...
  • John
    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'm down in Calgary and no one down here has been nearly as helpful. I might have to see if I can get a day off and make the trip north. Where are you in edmonton?

  • michael
    If you are in edmonton alberta the store I work at have 20 storms. Will do upgrades
    And new activations.

    If interested u can call 7809904118 to have one set aside.

  • Pierre
    I placed an order with Bell on December 12 for the Storm. I am still waiting for the unit. I now have the confirmation that Bell used the limited stock that they had for new subscriber only. They will ship to current customer only when there is enough stock. I don't think that it is fare but that is what they did. I am not even able to get a shipment date.
  • plikestechno
    I also can't hate on this thing at all. It must have come from the factory recently as it has the .76 firmware in it. The slow reviews don't make any sense tome and I've played a few ten minute youtube videos and all the videos that come with it with no problems.
  • plikestechno
    My wife unbeknownst to me put her name on a list at Edmonton Wireless (where she's been a customer for over ten years, maybe helped) a couple of months ago because she knew my contract was ending in Dec, that I was a free agent, and all I wanted for Christmas, was a Storm with a better plan.

    She was told last week that only a handful came in and she shouldn't expect one for me until January.

    Well she got a call yesterday afternoon saying there was one with her name on it. She was so happy that she'd be able to give it to me for Xmas. We were there first thing this monring to sign me up with Telus and get the phone.

    I don't know about them being for just new subscribers (though I just switched from Bell, hate them so much) as I was the only guy of five signing a new contract (one of them was an NHL player I won't name.) But it wouldn't surprise me. Sellers get fat jack for sigining up new people and employees can get incentives so it might be stores and not Telus making up the rules. Let's say I made the guy's day when he found out I was a new subscriber. He thought my wife was replacing her phone.

    I love it. They charged up the battery the night before so I had it going all day. Thank god I didn't buy into the iPhone hype! I'm not saying it's an iPhone killer. I'm just saying the iPhone is not for me and it makes the Instinct look like a kids toy. It's also my first global phone. Very excited about that.

    They didn't have anymore though. They had 50 last night all spoken for and only three more with names on them after I got activated.

    There will be enough for everyone soon enough but with it being so popular worldwide it certainly is crazy right now.
  • Brock
    My stepmom picked up a storm for me last night (23rd) at the Tom Harris Cellular (telus) on 17th ave and 8th street SW. They alleged to have 150.

    good luck!
  • Dan
    I was able to get 1 of 2 available at Primeline Connections on Burlington on Fairview St. While calling around the Telus Store in the Burlington Mall had 5 available at around 4pm.
  • PaulGTA
    Got my storm on dec. 16th.. here's my little story to make everybody aware of what Telus dealers are doing.

    I woke up on the 16th mad as hell because I was not able to find a Storm for the life of me!! I mean.. I didn't line up in front of the stores at 6 am but I figured that soon as I hear of a launch I'll secure one somewhere and get it. Well I quickly found out that all storms were sold out in an hour of launch!! So on the 16th I started thinking and for some reason I thought...hmmm... Newmarket (40 minutes north of toronto) should have some as I thought a less 'urban' area wont be as 'tech-savy'.

    When I called the store, I asked the sales girl if they had any BBS' in stock. She said 'I think so' and put me on hold. When she came back she asked me if I was an existing client or a new subscriber. I asked "whats better?" she said "new subscriber"... I then proceeded to tell her I was an existing client and thus she put me on hold again.... when she came back she said that there were none in stock..(I knew she was lying). So I grabbed my buddy and headed up... while on our way I got him to call them as a 'new subscriber' and ask if they had the phone in stock.... and ALAS!!!.. It was in STOCK!! Clearly they didn't want to sell me the phone because they dont make as much money off of migrations.... as I get there my friend asks for the phone and as he's looking at it he says "I changed my mind...".... So I jump in and told them I would take it.... and if they didn't sell it to me I would throw so much crap in the fan they'd be covered in it.... so I GOT ONE!! And I 'm currently with my phone wipping the iphone clean in a browser race.... hehehe...

    but honestly the phone has ups and downs like all phones.... the accellerometer is way too slow when the phone is working on a task. I found out that SURETYPE means NOTYPE!! It is literally impossible for me to type in that mode, a full keyboard a la iPhone would be ideal. It is quite impossible to text while driving (I know its a no no...but we all do it)..

    Overall I'm very please with the phone... browsing is fast but not as fast as an iphone on wi-fi.....
  • mTelus

    The selling of the Storm is the individual dealer's discretion as to whom they sell to. There is nothing in writing that says the dealer must only sell to new activations. They may be pushing towards that in order to get new clients signed up. Our store just got our first one in today and sold it to an existing client who was recontracting. As for the supply, It is a RIM issue, that is why both Bell and Telus are having stock issues. As has been posted earlier, RIM sent a huge order down South as Verizon could not keep up stock when the Storm was released down there. We have been told we can only order what we think we could sell each week, until the new Year and they should be able to accommodate. Most dealers get daily deliveries so check back daily or get your name on a waiting list if they have one.

    I got a few minutes to play with the Storm before we sold it and it was pretty cool!

    Good luck!
  • hosed
    Bell made it right; they shipped me a Storm and it's here in time for Christmas. Thank-you customer service; I was quick to bitch, so I'm quick to say thanks.
  • Jeremy
    I received that email from Telus yesterday saying select stores had inventory. In this email, I was told to call certain stores and if I received no joy, to call the Telus 1-866 number.

    I called around to several dealers and was told either they had no stock or the stock they had was for new activations only so I called the 1-866 number. I was basically told by the CSR that yes, the stock that Telus shipped was for essentially for new activations only and if I wasn't on a waiting list, I'm out of luck until the new year.

    So, this email that Telus sent out was completely misleading in certain ways.

    Yes, they do have some inventory in select stores.

    No, it's not for renewing customers.

    As a corporate customer, this is a load of crap. They should have solved their inventory issues before releasing the unit and they should have taken care of their existing customer base as a gesture of good will since we all have choice as to whether to port our numbers or not. It looks as if the other two carriers - Bell and Rogers - will be getting an opportunity to bid on my 35 lines that generate $36,000 of revenue for Telus.
  • PC
    Wireless Wave Rocks!!!
  • keith
    There are many wireless wave stores with shipments in stock. 2 stores in edmonton, 3-4 in calgary, many in bc region, toronto region and even halifax.

    That means its a bell storm.. not telus...
  • santa clause
    Also in halifax area as well
  • santa clause
    There are many wireless wave stores that have them in stock. 2 in edmonton 4 in calgary a few in toronto arera... Many in bc region as well
  • Eric
    got my new storm not all its cracked up to be been with telus 8yrs having problems with firm ware can't change to landscape view while texting telus says its a known issue and to wait for software patch you think they would work out the bugs before release
  • Kyle
    I just bought my Storm at the Telus location at the Fairview Mall. When I walked in to play with a demo they surprised me by saying they had 11 in stock.
  • hosed
    Ordered on December 10th, was told, repeatedly in print and verbally, for a week, that they had been couriered; now Bell says that the order was processed but not shipped.
  • Jason


  • Jason
    So what is new in
  • Ryan
    I got mine today!!!! I love it!

    I also loaded on it, oh the joys of working at RIM!!!
  • Carley
    I waitied until the 14th to try and get one (Unfortunatley) so I am out of luck. Not a single store in Toronto has any I promise you and won't be getting any in til January.

    I'm a little confused by the comment left about Future Shop not selling until the 19th. As far as I know they sold the few that they had right away and as Telus and Bell stores will get their stock before retail outlets shouldn't be making any promises!

    Nevertheless, which Future Shop was it? I might try on the 19th LOL
  • PC
    1:20pm pst
    Richmond, BC

    I got my Storm from Wireless Wave Richmond today! I'd like to thank Alfred, the Richmond branch's manager for all the assistance. I went through the "contact" page of Wireless Wave's website and was surprised to be redirected to the branch manager.

    Apparently there was a "list" for people who called in to "reserve" some units but I was told that the website inquiry page supersedes all these other mediums.

    To cut the long story short, I got a call today and picked up the one and only Storm the store received today.

    Props to Wireless Wave's online inquiry page! I suggest you guys give it a shot!


    Link: http://www.wirelesswave.ca/contacts.asp
  • Kyle

    I was at the Eaton centre when the location there had 20 left (around 1pm wed. after they had already sold 8). I was so tempted to pick one up, but held off for the very issue you mention. As much as I want one, I'm going to hold off until I hear more from all the new owners.
  • reid
    has anyone who was able to order the storm on the telus website wednesday before they sold out received an email from telus confirming when it will be shipped? if so, did you pay the non-contract $599 pricetag?
  • KYLE
    go my storm on dec 10 for a telus store in toronto yorkdale mall...is it jus me or the phone seem like a delicate phone. i feel like if you bang out too many emails or bb msngr that the screen is gonna stop working?? all in all pretty good phone but the screen scares me ..
  • Rick
    Pretty much the same here. Went to Future shop, bought 2 new phones, ( non Blackberry) on another account, then went to upgrade to the storm on my busness account. Same crap, they could only process the 3 yr N/C storm if I went to a Telus outlet. Of course, they have non. Nice jpb from the marketing department!!
  • JW
    Yesterday evening, I called a few Bell/Telus stores in North York (namely Sheppard Centre, Empress Walk, Fairview Mall, Scarborough Town Centre). No luck at all. This morning however, I managed to get one from Bell Eaton Centre (only 3 left) and the rest were all taken as I did the activation in store. Very lucky! The store manager said that their next shipment would be January. Quite slow!
  • PC

    Excellent. Goodluck Acquiring one!
  • Dawn

    I wasn't able to get my hands on one yesterday. I was talking to Telus Loyaly department and I don't think it allowed him to back order. I called around to some stores and they all said no. Interestinly, I called the FutureShop in Coquitlam and they said they hadn't received any yet (maybe he missed it).

    I'm still trying to track one down too. My existing phone's battery is dying and my charger is broken.
  • PC
    Did anyone get one here in Vancouver?
  • Richard

    Thanks for the info, I have had a feeling that they will release a few every day online, and I will check again tomorrow at 9:00am to see if they add more. I have been refreshing all day while working with no luck.
  • Jason
    My Annecdote:

    After following the storm hype for the last 2 months I decided to buy my first BB. A crackberry virgin! When I walked in to Bell World I asked if they had any in stock. Their response was 'New activation or upgrade?'. 'Upgrade' I said. They then told me that the only ones they had left were for people who prepaid for their phone... so I walked out of the store with my head hung low. Seems like they only wanted to give ones to new activations.... where I assume they make more money for their store.

    As I got to my car I decided to call Bell CS and tell them I wanted to cancel and switch to Telus. I told the agent that the store would not sell me a phone and she promptly told me to walk back in and that they are required to sell it to me if they have them in stock.

    So this time I spoke to them and said I want to buy one for my 'gf' on a new activation (testing to see if they really have them in stock). She said yes, and I informed her about my call to Customer Support. She reluctantly got one from the back.. and now I'm enjoying my first ever BB! I didn't like having to be sneaky about it, but I think I deserve to buy one just as much as a new customer. =)
  • Pete

    I was able to order off the TELUS site at 9:00am for the non-contract $599.

    Seems to have gone through, confirmation email, second email saying my card had been charged and a personal reply to my email later in the day to change the delivery address. I'm hoping had there been a problem, they'd have mentioned it at that point.

    Fingers crossed!
  • Ohlias
    Montreal, QC

    Telus (on the corner of Mansfield and St-Catherine) has one returned model in stock (1 day usage) and they are selling it as NEW with 1 day less guarentee. They won't let you touch it unless you want to buy, and it's for NEW clients only. They don't plan on having any others until early January.

    Bell (on St-Catherine, near McGill College) has a DJ and tons of promotion going on. They are sold out, but have one demo unit on hand to play with. I used it for about 10 minutes (mail, video, and pics). The OS seemed a little slow to respond, but I much prefferred the typing on the Storm vs. the iPhone. That being said, a real qwerty keyboard is better.

    Good luck.
  • ottcomputing.com
    I got a Storm at the Telus store in Kanata (Ottawa suburb) I was first in the city according to them and they got 27 total in the Ottawa area. Works great.. connected to my BES last night.
  • zach
    blackberry storm sold out at Future Shop whitby. should have more stock next week. store #905-438-7950
  • Jodie
    Bell Store in Sudbury Ontario in the New Sudbury Centre has the STORM availbable starting tomorrow morning(Dec 12) at 9am! Come get them! Limited quantites! Happy Storm Shopping!
  • zach
    future Shop whitby has one storm instock for telus. only renewals and new activations. i am a cellular expert in this store. store phone # 905-438-7950.
  • marinelo
    I went to three stores yesterday and they all had stock but would not sell me the phone at 599.00 . They claim new activations only untill January.. what a bunch of BS.
    Is Bell doing the same thing ??
  • bigdog
    Halifax shopping center has 20 and going fast.
  • Jim
    I called our local bell store in Aurora. The guy said they received 9 units total and they were all accounted for. He put me on a list which would be called upon when new units showed up. So we shall see how long it takes to get a Storm.
  • Laz
    Talked to a bell employed today. Apperently only 800 Blackberry storms were released thru bell. Calgary Alberta will only recv 20. No word on when the second shipment is.
  • matt
    also i left my bell contract for this phone becuase bell in newfoundland werent getting any in for awhile and wouldnt give me any info.
  • matt
    In St.Johns, Newfoundland at the Avalon Mall 8 Storms were recieved at 6;30pm on wednesday i bought one and 4 other people that were there bout one so there were 3 left not sure if they will be there tomorrow.
  • RustyKnuckles
    Talked to the bell store in Sherwood park today and they have been told to come in early tomorrow a.m! They had them in stock but weren't allowed to sell them until morning! Hopefully I'll be early enough to get one (two actually) the wife was pretty excited after playing with the demo!
  • babybug
    Only selected Bell corporate stores in the GTA area have some stocks. It will be nationally launched tomorrow. If you live in Vancouver area, as far as I know there are only 3 stores which will receive stocks tomorrow: Coquitlam Centre, Metrotown (across superstore one) and downtown pacific centre.
    You can start lining up before they open and go thru the activation process, I dont believe the stock will arrive till 11am by ATS.
    If you want to try a demo unit, these 3 stores already have one which you can play with.
    Well, after the initial shipment is gone, we all have to wait till mid-january before stock comes again. Bell is doing the "raincheck" and asks for $50 deposit.

    Good luck in getting one.
  • Tommy
    What OS did these two ship with?
  • Mart (Montreal)
    Hey guys,

    I work at Bell. We will receive a limited quantity of units this week. Not enough to last one day we're being told. Next shipment will be in january... 8 or 15. Telus has more units, but not a lot more, won't last the day too. The reason for that is the order Verizon placed, 900 000 units!!!
  • cookie
    Hey Guys

    Gerrard Sq in toronto has some right now ! First come serve!

    Happy buying
  • Todd (Windsor, Ont)
    Only found out at 6:30pm about the launch, went to a Telus store in one mall and was told another mall had 12 units. Went there and missed the last one by about 1 minute!!! They said they are expecting another shipment "in the new year"! Blast!!
  • Richard
    Our limited quantities have moved quickly but not to worry we will let you know when the next shipment arrives.

    Safe to say that their next release will be next wed for the last shipment before xmas?
  • Gee
    I got my storm today at Woodbine Center (Ontario), they only received 12 units and said they will receive more in January 2009. I love it
  • bdon
    There is one on ebay and the auction has only been going on for 2 hours, already over $400.
  • Mtelus
    They've known for about a week or so. RIM waited until the last minute to let Telus know the numbers. This isn't a fault of Telus or Bell, its a RIM issue keeping up with demand. Much the same thing happened with the original Iphone launch.
  • Doug
    Does anyone have a clue where i can find it in Vancouver???
  • MH
    IF YOU ARE IN THE TORONTO AREA, I know of a bell location that has 9 storms ready to be sold...The Bell store is located in Gerrad Sqaure...1000 Gerrad ST East, Toronto.Units are a first come first serve basis on a new activation only.
  • mike
    They had to have know that they would be THIS short on units.. something like this doesn't happen the day before release.. pretty pathetic
  • Richard
    This isn't really a disaster for Bell, they have not been marketing it. Telus has been marketing the Storm as an xmas gift since early November and it isn't really even available to buy. Very bad business practice!
  • PC
    F it, I'm getting the curve 8900 instead. Telus and Bell can get it on.

  • Mtelus
    Rumors have been going around that Bell has even less stock then Telus does. The problem is RIM deferred most of the units to the U.S. because of high sales. Thankfully the Telus Storm (can't verify the Bell one) comes preloaded with the updated firmware to fix the issues that came with the Verizon model (slow response, accelerometer slowness etc). Very few units will be available outside the GTA in Ontario. That 2500 may even be a bit optimistic for nationwide units until January.
  • Richard
    boourns Canada
  • PC

    Been a loyal Bell subscriber AND apparently have a $250 credit towards a new handset:
    1) $250 credit applies to the FULL $699.95 hardware price (=$449.95 on a 3yr deal)
    2) Temporarily out of stock. Order now. You will be billed in full today and your Storm will ship in early January.
    If there are any issues with your order, we will contact you by email. Please ensure that you use a valid email address and check your filtered folders (junk mail) regularly.»

    WHY IN THE HELL would I avail of my "credit"? Won't it be in my best interest to just sign in as a NEW user and just pay $249.99? Geez, we're getting raped here Canada!
  • PC
    Yes only to notice the disclaimer that you'll get your Storm in January.


  • Richard
    The Storm is available right now on the Bell website.
  • Richard
    I checked the Telus site seconds after being notified that it was for sale via their e-mail, I wasn't gonna sit around refreshing the telus page, and it was already out of stock. Was anyone at all able to order off their site? I am in the US on business, so going to a store and camping out was out of the question. Why do Canadian companies handle these launches like the biggest idiots ever.
  • PC
    After speaking with a Bell rep here in Vancouver, they we're notified that the release date for the Storm is on Monday the 15th...

    I wonder how soon it'll be available online though... Hmm
  • Hey guys,

    If you could please include your city and store location when you post, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  • Shawn K
    7357 Woodbine Ave in Markham has a few! Be the first to get it!
  • bigg22
    Future Shop had them in stock today, I saw the boxes when I asked to buy one they said they were told not to sell them until Dec 19th, WTF
  • Josh
    Saw two come into my store (I work at a Future Shop just outside of the GTA area)... Both sold within half an hour. Crazy.

    Got to see it in action, but didn't actually get to play with it. The screen's resolution certainly is beautiful...
  • rwags
    For current Telus customers, depending on the status of your contract, you might get the Storm for less than $249. My contract is almost up and Telus is offering a $500 discount on any phone on a 3year contract, so when I go through their online store my total came up at $99.
  • Shawn K

    Go to a Bell Store tomorrow... They'll take better care of you.
  • Paul
    I've been lied to all day. I've been to 3 Vancouver downtown Telus stores only to be turned away multiple times. Calling in didn't help and when i spoke to a loyalty person (customer service with more power) they said that they couldn't even order it on back order in their system.

    I'm loathing Telus.

    At this point I don't expect anything until January.
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