RIM relaunches mobile.blackberry.com

I’ve just received word that RIM has completed a fairly significant relaunch of mobile.blackberry.com, their all-in-one web portal for BlackBerry users. The new mobile.blackberry.com features a much more user-friendly design, requiring fewer clicks to get where you want to go, as well as faster load times.

You can see a few more screenshots of what the new site looks like after the jump, or hit the link below using your BlackBerry. With over two million hits a day to mobile.blackberry.com, you won’t be the only one kicking the tires on the new version!


3 Responses to “RIM relaunches mobile.blackberry.com”

  1. 1 Ryan

    Site is down….

  2. 2 Bradley

    Looks nicer upfront, but the same content underneath…

  3. 3 Bla1ze

    Too bad it still sucks, seriously…the Bold has been out for how long now and when ya click on themes and such “Sorry, their are no downloads for your device with 4.6 OS” or something along those lines…which..btw, has been removed from the new version, it no longer shows that…just shows us a link to bPlay to be able to buy stuff..and the “Applications” are for the most part, nothing more then web redirects to mobile versions of the sites…sorry, but mobile.blackberry.com is in need of some REAL reworking, web redirects and sending me to getjar, where there is nothing but some shady apps listed, that barely work on the specific device they indicate it will..is not going to work forever.

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