TeleNav GPS Navigator launches for BlackBerry Storm

New BlackBerry Storm users looking for software can take heart, as TeleNav has put a late Christmas present in your stocking with TeleNav GPS Navigator for Verizon Wireless subscribers. Here’s a quick look at what users can expect from TeleNav GPS Navigator:

    * Full-color 3D moving maps
    * Voice and on-screen directions
    * Speech recognition (optional for address entry)
    * Traffic alerts with one-click rerouting and an on-screen ETA
    * 10 million business listings
    * Gas price listings
    * Wi-Fi hotspot finder
    * Pedestrian mode so you can use it while walking around town
    * My TeleNav online preplanning

TeleNav is obviously up against the entrenched competition of Verizon Navigator on the BlackBerry Storm, so they’ve decided to sweeten the pot with a free 30-day trial. TeleNav GPS Navigator is regularly $9.99/month for unlimited use. You can find more information about the free trial at the link below.

TeleNav GPS Navigator

7 Responses to “TeleNav GPS Navigator launches for BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 DavidB

    Anyobody tried this out yet? $10/month is waaay too expensive in my mind though.

  2. 2 John

    There’s a free and better one, LifeInPocket ( with stronger feature and easier to use.

    You can navigate using online and Blackberry address book, when search near by business, you can read other people’s rating and comments about the business.

    They support all Blackberries and claim Storm support will be announced soon.

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