Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Photos


Sweet Lord and Moses, we’re alive! If you were wondering why there was few updates to BlackBerry Cool yesterday, it was because 1/2 of the BBCool Crew was attempting to return home to Ottawa in what can only be described as a blizzard storm death march. Add to that the fact that there was not a Starbucks with working Wi-Fi to be found in the GTA, and you get a bunch of great Telus BlackBerry Storm content making its way to you now. Special thanks to QB Kyle for holding down the fort.

So Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch party was an absolute blast, with great food, free drinks, local celebrities (you can’t hide from us, K-OS!) and Arts & Crafts artists providing the musical background. I also had the opportunity chill with Ian from MobileSyrup and Tom from BlackBerryNews - great guys. To make up for my tardiness, I’m uploading a jam-packed photo gallery and a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned!