Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Schwag Unboxing

What would a launch party be without free schwag? Telus gave each attendee a sweet gift bag in addition to a free BlackBerry Storm at their launch party, which is a great way to make a lowly blogger feel like VIP. Favorite piece of schwag? Probably the Stars tee shirt. Yes, the chocolate was tasty. Oh, and my kitty enjoyed the stuffed meercat.

2 Responses to “Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Schwag Unboxing”

  1. 1 Ahmed Eltawil

    Sweet! Don’t tell me everyone who came to the party had the same gift bag???!!

  2. 2 Caspan

    that bag sucked… If the phone was in there then great but everything else kinda was crappy.

  1. 1 Telus BlackBerry Storm Coming this Week?

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