Telus Publishes BlackBerry Storm Pricing Information


We were one of the first sites to break Telus’ official BlackBerry Storm pricing information, so this isn’t anything special, but it’s nice to see we’re inching ever so closer to launch ground zero. Telus has posted their official pricing on their website, with options to follow the latest Storm news or tell someone you want it (a genius marketing ploy). In addition, we’ve also included a link below to Telus’ sweet BlackBerry Storm promo page, which contains a bunch of information on the great Storm contests we told you about previously.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Pricing
Telus BlackBerry Storm Ultimate Update Page

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4 Responses to “Telus Publishes BlackBerry Storm Pricing Information”

  1. 1 Chase

    Release date being told by 95% of locations talked to is Dec 18th as RIM is holding things up with bugs aka I think Telus is attempting to limit a few features etc…

    I was told that there is a limited amount available approx 4000 units

  2. 2 Kyle

    I was also told Dec 18th as the Telus release date.

    Today (Dec. 6th), I was able to play with a Storm at the Fairview Mall in Toronto. They had a number of demo units available (along with some other blackberries) and there was a contest going on to possibly win a unit. A rep there said their contest was separate from the one being done on the website and also separate from a number of other locations doing the same thing. I remember seeing the Eaton’s Centre being listed, but I was in a hurry so I could be incorrect on a number of things.

    I was on my way to work so I wasn’t able to play as much as I wanted to. Personally need some more time playing with one before I’ll decide to grab one.

  3. 3 Fred

    I am really debating about getting the Storm. I would like to stay with Bell, but too many bad reviews on the Storm and no Wifi. The lack of wifi could be the deal killer for me. I travel and having the wifi is a huge bonus. I may have to switch to Rogers and get the Bold. Lots of good reviews for the Bold and it does have wifi.

  4. 4 sunny

    check out for the storm pricing i believe all the pricing is the same for bothe telus and bell.

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