Vodafone brings BlackBerry Storm to Romania

I wonder how many Romanian BlackBerry Cool readers there are? Probably not many. But that’s not important. What’s important is bringing you ALL the BlackBerry news we possibly can including the launch of the BB Storm in Romania. Vodafone has partnered with RIM to launch the device and details on the Internet are really uncertain. If you check Google news, there are mixed reports due to some confusion between device names. Some reports such as this one, talk about the Storm but say “Bold” in the headline. Thoughts?

[UPDATE: Thanks to our readers who told us the launch date is December 18th. Multumesc!]


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  1. 1 danielneamu

    Launch date announced December 18th. You guys have some readers in Romania actually :)

  2. 2 Iulian

    Hey guys,

    Indeed, there is at least one Blackberry Cool reader :). The phone has been announced in Romania and according to this link (http://www.vodafone.ro/personal/noutati-si-promotii/blackberry-storm/) it will be launched on December 18th, 2008. So close as a date but so far comparing with my budget :).



  3. 3 Kyle

    @danielneamu @lulian

    Thanks guys! Or wait…I should say “multumesc!”

  4. 4 Iulian

    You’re welcome Kyle. One issue with Blackberry in Romania is that you can’t find new software updates. I always used the international version to get my OS updated ;). Let’s hope that this will not happen in Storm’s case.

  5. 5 danielneamu

    Starting with OS 4.6 (Bold) this is not a problem anymore. You can update your device OS through Desktop Manager (just keep your Desktop software updated)

    You’re welcome. It’s pleasure to read your excellent blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. 6 Ented

    I just order today 1 storm from vodafone romania. They put it on sale before the launch date:).

  7. 7 Ented

    Vodafone was very quick, I just received in this evening. Is larger than bb 8110.
    Beautiful, not so easy to use the keyboard on the screen.
    I don’t like the rotation sensor, you have to shake it to return from landscape.
    Maybe because is new?
    Anyhow, is a new toy to play with it.
    I’m very happy now :)

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