WorldMate Live giving $100 rebates for hotel bookings (’Cool Deals)

Popular BlackBerry travel application WorldMate Live has been offering client-side hotel booking since August of this year. Since then, WorldMate must have noticed a drop off in use of this excellent feature due to the global recession, because they’re now going out of their way to put a little extra money in our pockets.

Starting today, from either your BlackBerry or desktop computer, all WorldMate Live hotel bookings are elibible for up to a $100 rebate, which is great for me because I never stay in a hotel that costs more than $20 anyways.

If you haven’t yet checked out WorldMate Live, now might be a good time to start. Watch the funny video above, and then point your browser to

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  1. 1 LJ

    I checked this deal out today and it’s not that impressive actually. The deal is “Up to $100 Rebate.” A 3 night booking gets you only $20. An additional night scales up the rebate, but you don’t get $100 back until you book for 12 nights. For someone on a budget, this was a rather disappointing “deal.”

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