Text messaging ban in California now law, use Vlingo

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Vlingo for BlackBerry

This is just a friendly reminder from BlackBerry Cool that the California text messaging ban while driving we told you about in September is now law, so watch out - violators can expect to face up to a $50 fine. If you desperately need to communicate to loved ones/colleagues while driving, we suggest using Vlingo, one of our favorite (and free) voice-enabled BlackBerry applications.

Vlingo 1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed

  • John
    Check this service out. Hot of the BusinessWire. A hands free solution that works from any phone!

    Hands Free Texting, E-mail, and Internet Search Services – License Plate Messaging

    SayType Is the Most Effective and Complete Alternative to Touch Texting Available, Connecting All Drivers Hand Free.

    Innovative Driving Solutions That Work Instantly From Any Phone Using a Bluetooth with Standard Voice Service.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SayType.com is giving everyone with phone service something to talk about; an innovative service that uses voicemail to instantly turn talk into text and send accurately converted messages to any phone, e-mail address or license plate. SayType also searches the internet and translates messages into selected languages. Call or text 916-947-7325
    or visit www.saytype.com for details.

    “Our solutions are easy to use – leave a voicemail up to 2 minutes –
    receive or send a text message – arrive faster and safer every time.” John
    Kent, SayType inventor.

    Hands free driving solutions:

    touchfree texting
    voiceto e-mail
    internet search
    turn-by-turn directions
    traffic conditions
    current drive times
    find locations – 411
    connecting drivers with license plate messaging

    SayType connects your phone with powerful technology using services you
    already know how to use – voicemail and/or texting.

    According to the CHP, drivers who get caught one handed will now pay $76 for first time violations and $190 for additional offenses. English and Spanish speaking drivers now have an alternative to touch typing while driving. Call 1-877-SayType.
  • Michael Cox
    I love vlingo but it doesn't run on the latest Bold OS ( The guys a vlingo no the problem but no solution is available yet so I guess I'll stick to bluetooth voice activated dialing and just talk to folks ;)
  • Chris
    @srleadjb: You're rght, the key is "handsfree" but I see sooooo many people still using the phone while driving in San Francisco. The cops aren't reinforcing the new mandated law. I doubt there will be many tickets given with the new "non-texting" law. It's unfortunate though :(

    However, I did try Vlingo while driving. My 2 nits are: 1) voice to text isn't 100% (then again which tech. is?) and I found myself using my phone more to change my translated text to something intelligible. 2) Vlingo didn't support bluetooth. I still had to talk into my handset instead of my earpiece..major thumbs down.

    If they improve their voice2text technology and add bluetooth accessibility, I'd give it another try.
  • srleadjb
    Under the law, writing, sending or reading any text-based messages on a cell phone or any type of wireless communications device, like a Blackberry or laptop computer, by a driver will be a violation.

    The use of Vlingo while driving is a violation as they are text based messages. This is a common misconception along with holding the phone in your hand with it on speaker phone which is also a violation.

    The key is "handsfree."
  • crm
    interesting question... are we actually allowed to use Vlingo, Jott or MyCaption while driving?
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