Orange UK considering pulling BlackBerry Bold - again

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BlackBerry Bold

When we first reported that Orange UK was suspending BlackBerry Bold shipments due to ongoing technical problems — unexplained crashes, poor reception and dropped calls — it was a serious blow to RIM. Flagship products are supposed to be, well, a company’s standard bearer, and (on Orange UK at least) the BlackBerry Bold was waving the white flag.

However, at the time the issues were attributed to a launch OS that was… less than robust. Orange reinstated the BlackBerry Bold with the updated OS, but this has apparently not solved the problem. We hope for RIM’s sake that they can get this situation under control before Orange pulls the Bold permanently, but Orange customers deserve a BlackBerry that works. Perhaps an update to a new OS ( perhaps?) will get the job done.

|via Telegraph UK|

  • moss
    i have a blackberry bold from orange from december.. I regularly us im as well as wifi and gprs email sync etc>> and i havent had any problems whatsoever..
    orange is totally cool as is blackberry..
    10/10 for blackberry and orange!
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