CES 2009: BlackBerry Booth gallery, impressions

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While CES isn’t exactly a mecca for BlackBerry news, BlackBerry Cool is still dedicated to bringing you the latest from Las Vegas. Taking a break from roaming the strip and pretending to be Amy Winehouse, Power User Nan Palmero has finally made it to RIM’s CES booth, and has regaled us with photos and impressions.

Hit the jump to see what goodies the BlackBerry Booth brought to CES 2009 and don’t forget to post a comment if you want Nan to sniff something out.

    -There are a ton of people milling around the BlackBerry Booth. RIM is really making a strong lifestyle push this year, so the timing of the SlingBox (http://www.blackberrycool.com/2008/12/slingplayer-for-blackberry-beta-now-open-to-all/) announcement was excellent. Zeemote really does help make the BlackBerry more fun, too!
    –RIM has about 10 pods with three vendors at each, making it the most applications I’ve seen at a BlackBerry Booth yet. Here’s a quick list: Zeemote, EA, flycast, etrade mobile, ilane, nobex, slingbox, viigo, dipdive, glu, unify4life, NIM, ticketmaster, associated press, poynt, slacker, mobitv, gameloft, WSJ, schlage, pageonce.
    –RIM is demoing the following BlackBerrys: BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Pearl (in a variety of colors), Pearl Flip, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve 8900, a pink BlackBerry 8330 from VZW, Sprint’s 8350i and some T-Mo/AT&T Curves. The BlackBerry 8900 is looking awesome and T-Mobile said it would likely be an exclusive for awhile. Sorry AT&T subscribers.
    –I did not receive an invite to the RIM private party tonight. Maybe the don’t realize I’m from BlackBerry Cool? (maybe they do, ed.)

  • Nan Palmero
    @ash if history is any indicator, then CDMA devices that are launched in the states will also make it to Canada. My guess, then, would be the BlackBerry "Niagara" for Bell. Again, this is merely a guess. :)

  • ash

    Any idea on upcomming blackberrys for bell other than storm.


  • Jim
    I was a potential storm customer, but when Rogers released the Curve 8900 (Javelin) I saw that an couldn't resist. I have it now and love it, wouldn't consider a Storm if it was given to me now...
  • @z,

    it looks as though the post was corrupted over the weekend. All fixed now! Enjoy the photos.

    @DavidB, Storm was there, that was a copy error on my part. I agree with you 100% about pushing the Storm though.
  • Kyle
    Very interested to hear anything Storm related.
  • z
    I don't see anything? Where are these photos?
  • DavidB
    Good thing. As consumer focused as the Storm ought to be, it ought to be front and center at every pod. If RIM wants any shot at stemming developer defections to iPhone and Android and actually increasing developer support, they need to be pushing Storm and pushing it HARD.
  • Nan Palmero
    Good morning David! The Storm is indeed being displayed, we just missed getting the info into the piece by mistake. We'll get that updated. Great catch and thanks!
  • DavidB
    What? No Storm's on disay? The most important (in light of today's competition) "consumer" device RIM has yet released and no presence??? Wow. RIM's marketing folks really ARE fools if so...
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