Cali girl sent over 14,528 text messages in one month

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Dr. Phil isn’t a real doctor by the way. He just gets paid millions of dollars to tell people to get their lives together. The above video shows a girl who averages 5,000 texts per month but her record has been totally destroyed. A 13-year old girl in California sent 484 text messages every day in December - an average of one message every 2 minutes during the waking hours. Her total at the end of the month was 14,528 text messages

“First, I laughed. I thought, ‘That’s insane, that’s impossible,’” said Hardesty, her father and a reporter for The Orange County Register. “And I immediately whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible.”

Thankfully, the family had an unlimited texting plan, because we’ve seen reports about how carriers are itching to hit you up for SMS dollars.


  • saria
    ive beat that girls record i did 19,000 this month and 18,363 last month
  • Jenn
    I sent over 30,000 in one month...?
  • Alex
    yea ... thats about how much i average a month, give or take a thousand
  • lindsay
    I've used 17,600+ so far this month and my payperiod ends tonight at midnight. =]
  • stefan
    Well I once had 60,000 texts in a month, so I win! Thats right I texted more than all of you including that girl in the video so I'm more popular and well-liked. And do you know what I win? ... a pathetic, pitifull and completely pointless existence. Get over yourselves and your texts
  • caroline
    you guys don't even know what your talking about! she doesnt SEND 14,000 per month, its conversation! try dividing that by two, or maybe three if you want to count the useless forwards, and THATS how many she sent in that month. >:-(
  • T Mendenhall
    I agree that it 15 year old averages 30k+ a month...Aug 2008 was highest at 37, really this girl is a beginner.... My katelyn texts without even looking at the phone and she probably could beat the world record holder for the fastest texting!!
  • Max Fortuna
    does this girl think shes special or something? reading the posts above it is clear people have sent more than her...myself being one of them. 17,000 Decomber of 07. Publish an article on me. Give me a break, it isnt a huge feat to send texts.
  • dolce
    this is weird but its possible like i dont send that much but i still text in class at dance and every where else like even in vaction its just easier so i dont think that sending 14,528 texts is bad... but wtf could she be texting about at thirteen like i text and im sixteen and its me and my boyfriend and its like maybe 1,000 at best plus thats my friends and parents and siblings so like wow the messages where probably like oh... cool.. aha
  • krsytinn
    14,whatever is nothing i send like 18,000 +
    a month. but okayyy ? (:
  • Sara
    All my messages were texts. No IMs or e-mails.
  • crackie
    i had 34,000 texts last month on my bb when i checked my account, most of it for work purpose. but they also dont say if she has twitter or some other network to update her every move.
  • Coffy
    This video has nothing to do with the blog. The girl was 13 and sent those this video is about some 16 y.o. who can't drive.
  • jill
    What's wrong with Mom - who got her the car an the phone?... easy solution!!!
  • Sara
    That is a lot, and while she's got me eat right now, this summeri texted over 38,000 in one month.
    My parents hav since put restrictions on my texts, but I still don't see te bigdeal about this chick. I more than dobled her record.
  • Tracy
    Not only that she sent over 14K texts, but someone had to RECEIVE that many...oy!!
  • Tracy
    I text because it is easier than calling someone. What in the heck does a 14 year old need to text about? Do parents have NO control over their children these days??? Take the phone away! How hard is it? I grew up without a cell phone...they will survive!!
  • Me
    This is why at 13 they shouldn't have a phone! Focus on school and interacting with kids IN PERSON
  • Berry Reporter
    I don't know, that seems like a lot, but I can see it. It doesn't mention if the texts were just outgoing. Just think people, if you included your BBM's as texts, which most would likely be, then add that to your count. It would be a ton! Plus email conversations because they are convenient with your Berry. It all adds up. My most without a BlackBerry was about 3000 outgoing. Now with BBM and email, my phone is my life so I could see 10,000 "messages" easy including incoming and outgoing per month. Call me crazy but, we all know, you gotta stay connected haha. Driving however, different story.
  • Cee Cee
    14,528 that's right up my alley... I have 2 cell phones and I send a total of 12,000 per month between the 2... And I admitt I do text and drive myself...
  • Kyle
    @Bambi Blue What is she even texting at that rate?
    "just swallowed."
    "took another bite."
  • Bambi Blue
    Holy crap! I thought *I* was bad... this girl's got me beat.

    Well, maybe only because she drives and texts. I don't drive :)
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