Enterprise customers to get T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 January 19th?

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Although T-Mobile stated in their press announcement that the general populace can purchase the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in February (with the blogosphere split between February 11th and the 18th as the launch date), it appears as though enterprise customers will get an early jump on the device.

The image on the left indicates that employees of companies with a T-Mobile corporate account can get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 on January 19th. This is similar to what Rogers did with their BlackBerry Curve 8900 launch, but on a time line of weeks, not days. If you’re not a corporate customer, post a comment and let us know if the Curve 8900 is worth the wait.

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  • Leetgnr
    Confirmed with my T-Mo rep that 19th is orders, but shipping isn't until 26th
  • John Hall
    When is Verizon going to get the Blackberry Bold
  • Robert Cobourn
    So would they have these in stores, or only online? I usually feel hosed being a business customer, because so many of the web site features don't work for corporate accounts, so I'd be happy to get a bit of an advantage out of it for once. Still not sure why'd I'd want to bother getting a non-3G phone though. Only reason I can think of is the built-in GPS. My 8830 curve uses cell tower position, which normally works amazingly well but once in a while randomly decides I'm at the airport.
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