Visual Voicemail coming to AT&T BlackBerry Bold


BGR has grabbed some screenshots of BlackBerry Visual Voicemail running on an AT&T BlackBerry Bold. Apparently, this feature will make its way to AT&T via OS No word yet on when AT&T will roll out the OS update or if they’ll charge for it (it’s AT&T, what do you think?), but we’ll keep you in the know once we hear something. For now, you can see more of what BlackBerry Visual Voicemail will look like after the jump.

3 Responses to “Visual Voicemail coming to AT&T BlackBerry Bold”

  1. 1 Nikolaus

    T-Mobile had better off this for the Curve 8900

  2. 2 attTech

    TMo will not offer it since Visual Voicemail is from ATT, even with the iphone its not something that Apple came up with its ATT, thus why its being released for Blackberry, and probley down the road it will be for every PDA on ATT

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