Mondays suck. Like gravity and Godwin’s Law, it is an immutable force of nature. So with the help of our friends over at Slacker, we thought we’d try to make your Monday a little better by giving away free stuff.

BlackBerry Cool Power User Nan Palmero is a big fan of Slacker, the streaming radio application for BlackBerry and desktop (check out Nan’s Slacker impressions). Always the enterprising sort, Nan was able to convince the kind team at Slacker to give BlackBerry Cool 10 FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTIONS for SLACKER’S ‘RADIO PLUS’ PREMIUM ACCOUNTS. Here’s how you can get one:

    - You have to be based in the U.S. (sorry, my fellow Canucks)
    - You must have a valid email address already configured with Slacker (i.e. the email address you signed up to slacker with). If you haven’t tried Slacker yet, download the free trial now!
    - Post a comment on this post telling us about your favorite aspect of Slacker, what improvements you’d like to see, and when/where you listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry.
    - We’ll draw the 10 winners randomly at 2pm EST tomorrow, so make sure you post right away!

While you’re posting, make sure you write a thank you to everyone at Slacker and FortyThree PR. If we’re lucky, maybe we can get some more premium accounts from them.

154 Responses to “Monday Giveaway: 10 FREE SLACKER RADIO PLUS SUBSCRIPTIONS”

  1. 1 kasperapd

    My favorite aspect of Slacker is the ability to create and then cache my own station. I’m no longer forced to listen to bands that I don’t care for.

    Thanks to Slacker, BBCool, and ForthThree PR for the giveaway!

  2. 2 Chad D

    Cached stations! I can listen to my channels in the subway.

  3. 3 Cee Pee

    I love there music selection.. I think all they need to do is make the website less “busy”. it seems to me there is “to much on the page”… make it simple like pandora. I listen on the way to and from work.

  4. 4 gameboy213

    I love the slacker app actually.

    Favorite feature is Caching stations that I select and loading them on and listening when I have no signal on a plane or train.

    I would LOVE the option to update the Cached stations wirelessly without having to connect to a PC. Also, any speed updates in the application would be killer, loading music, cover art etc.

    Great app!

  5. 5 Adam

    I like that I can create my own channel based on my own favorite bands.

    I like the idea of the cached stations, just haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

    I listen at work.

  6. 6 gambit32

    I love my slacker because the merger has killed XM/Sirius for me. The business model has changed, theyve gotten rid of so many channels. Slacker can give BACK what Mel Karmazin stole from me when this merger went thru.

    Long Live Slacker

  7. 7 Matt

    Cached stations for sure!

  8. 8 Marin

    No Storm support yet … ARG!

    Still, Slacker kicks all types of butt.

  9. 9 Angie C

    I love the cached stations, i’d like to see more world music, and i listen at home and car

  10. 10 Christian Markley

    Cached stations rock - can’t put it down! Thank you for such a great app!

    Thanks BBCool, FortyThree PR, and Slacker Radio.

  11. 11 Chris Rowan

    Favorite Aspect: Music Discovery!!

    I love that you can tune the level of discovery by esoteric/familiar, recent/classic, and how “adventuresome” Slacker should be with its recommendations! The algorithm is impressive and makes great suggestions.

    Slacker is SO MUCH better than listening to the same old stuff from my iTunes library all the time. Love the exposure to new music that I never would have found on my own. Keeps it fresh and entertaining. Look out Apple!

    Improvement: UI

    Still quirky, unstable and hard to navigate. Please create super simple layer and put the rest under the hood in an advanced screen and make sure it’s super stable.

    Where / when I listen: Everywhere

    But particularly at home and at work. Listening to music helps me concentrate, so Slacker actually makes me more productive! Who’d've thunk it with a name like Slacker?!

  12. 12 nick

    I love everything about this app. It makes me love my blackberry even more. I like all of the different stations that you can choose from and the selection of songs is amazing.

    I’d have to say my favorite feature is the ability to cache stations. It makes it some much easier to use.

  13. 13 Vid Luther

    I use slacker to listen to old Indian(Bollywood) songs that remind me of my childhood in India. So much better than scouring the net for mp3s, and trying itunes/amazon mp3 remixes.

    Truly awesome experience.

  14. 14 MadCatUSA

    Slacker rocks. I listen at work on my breaks, with a cassette adapter, I can listen in the car while I’m driving, it’s awesome. The only improvement that I’d like to see would be making artist favorites instead of just song favorites so I can hear more of my favorite comedians on the Explicit Comedy channel!

  15. 15 LouTreize

    I love the name, Slacker. Reminds of the company itself and how they’re unable to bring it to Canada. Now stop slacking and bring it to Canada!!

    I’m kidding! It’s all jokes. Good luck to all!

  16. 16 William Summer

    I love and Slacker for BB is awesome. I wrote a brief review for Mobility Today ( on how to cache stations. Slacker mobile is the perfect app for any BB music lover.

    I keep about 10 stations on my device, and one improvement I would like to see would be the ability to mix those stations into one play list.

    I listen to Slacker in my car, at work, on the way home and all evening. It has almost eliminated the need to have .mp3s.

  17. 17 Kara

    Favorite aspect of Slacker: Being able to create stations with only the artists I want to hear and have them cache to my beloved Blackberry Storm.

    What improvements I’d like to see: I know they’re working on it, but I’d love a fix for the final 20 second of songs getting cut off on my Storm.

    When/where you listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry: Around 5pm EST at the gym…also in the car on the drive there and back!

    Thank you so much Slacker and FortyThree PR!!! <3 y’all!

  18. 18 AmHays87

    Love Slacker! By far the best App I have!

    Love having certain stations specific for Working Out, Studying, and while in class:)

    Surprising how much the Battery life is saved with the cached stations!

    Love it, love it, love it… I want FULL ACCESS NOW!

  19. 19 Stacey

    My favorite aspect of Slacker is that I can compile my eclectic taste in music and listen to it all on shuffle without downloading anything.

    I think Slacker needs to incorporate social networking so users can share, rate, and discover others’ stations.

    I usually listen to Slacker at home.

  20. 20 ryaninc

    I love Slacker! It replaced XM for me and I couldn’t be happier with it. My favorite aspect is that I can take my custom stations with me in the car, but also listen to them online. Long live Slacker!

  21. 21 scott

    I love my BB slacker player now that I got it working on the 8330 because I can jam out while I’m in the server room or even walking to and from the parking garage on my way to work. I never have to worry about making playlists and mixes on my ipod, its all done for me on slacker. The only improvement I would make is to trim the app down a little bit so it runs faster on the older berries. :) thanks.

  22. 22 Joe Vittorelli

    the ability to create my own station and then listen to it at my desk on my bb real portability of personalized music, much better than launch, guess that’s why launch is going away…

  23. 23 ErikD

    Favorite : Cached stations, ability to create my own station.

    Where I listen: Just about everywhere, but mainly at airports and on planes while traveling for business.

  24. 24 DavidH

    Gimme that Slacker Plus! I love it on the Blackberry, especially the ability to cache stations. I listen in the car all the time, switching among a bunch of custom built stations.

  25. 25 mischaka

    This woùld be fab!!!

  26. 26 Angelique

    Love Slacker!
    I love to have the option to listen to the music away form my computer, in my car, at the gym or even while waiting in line.
    Slacker is my buddy when I am bored too, especially when your ipod battery is low, you know all the songs in it by heart and you have to wait for your plane!
    I love my ipod but having any radio station available anytime is…simply perfect!

    I love it and as always Balckberry is better than iphone ;P~~!

  27. 27 AaronB

    Slacker is awesome! And the new BB app is awesome as well… I love the ability to create and “tune your favorite stations, and then cache them on my BB! Kudos to the Slacker team!

  28. 28 conedude13

    pretty sweet so far! Here’s hoping i score the plus!

  29. 29 JeremyR

    I love that you can cache your stations. my wife and I are addicted to slacker. going to cancel our XM! i would love to see the storm application. thanks slacker!

  30. 30 Phil N

    The cached stations make Slacker a great tool. I especially enjoy the sound quality and ease on the battery.

    Now, if Podcast support could be worked in, I could finally ditch my iPod forever.

  31. 31 NMBobblehead

    I have started using Slacker and am quite impressed. Great application.

  32. 32 DjRIcoRich

    AWESOME!!! i cant wait to get the storm version once its available!!!!!! Thanks everyone at slacker!!

  33. 33 Pink2

    I absolutely love Slacker. I listen while I am at work if I can and when out and about waiting for someone or something. The best thing about this is that if I am in a parking garage where the car radio and even Sirius radio doesn’t come in, I can still listen to my Slacker. Crystal Clear!! My favorite station is Classic Rock. I can’t wait to buy a SD card so I can cache to it. Thanks for such a great product!!

  34. 34 susan arredondo

    I love that slacker radio gives me the ability to pit in an artist and I get a great variety of songs and I can create my own station.
    I listen to slacker in the car when I can’t find the music I like on radio,wheb I am cooking,cleaning,on my
    Conference time at school. Pretty much anywhere I can listen I do.
    One feature I wish it had is a lyrics search. I can never remembee artists but I can usually remember
    Part of the song lyrics of the song I would like to hear. I really love slacker radio!!!

  35. 35 Bob Allan

    I listen to mostly prog rock, which never get’s airplay. I input an artist and Bam!! I get the goods!!! I wish their was a Graphic equalizer though.

  36. 36 Brant

    Being able to cache stations is awesome. Up here in Maine cell service is way below par.

  37. 37 Brandon

    My favorite thing is that it lets me discover some new bands that I’d likely have never heard on the radio because they aren’t mainstream enough. Heck I’ve even re-discovered some bands that I’d forgotten about.

    What I’d change - No a whole heck of a lot. The pricing is decent - I’d like to be able to cache songs and I wish it handled network issues with a little more resilience, but other than that no major complaints. Ok … I have one. Who the heck keeps putting Red Hot Chili Peppers in Hard Rock? And sorry, Kid Rock is not Hard Rock, neither is Smashing Pumpkins. If it gets airtime on an alternative radio station it is NOT hard rock. Just sayin…

  38. 38 Wade

    Favorite aspects: I like the idea of caching stations. I love the way it plays a song without skipping or losing quality. There’s something else the quaility is amazing. I love the UI it is simple imo the best Blackberry app out there.

    Improvements: just needs to be a little quicker on the older berries. And when I listen via my bluetooth headset it restarts me phone on occasion, it would be perfect with that fixed.

    When/Where: I listen at home, in my truck, or where ever I can. Slacker rocks!

    Thanks to all involved in the giveaway!!!

  39. 39 Bob Allan

    I listen to mostly prog rock (Marillion), which never get’s airplay. I input an artist and Bam!! I get the goods!!! I wish their was a Graphic equalizer though.

  40. 40 AdamS

    Cached stations is by far the best part about slacker.

    It would be great if you could check out other users stations.
    Also if slacker could suggest similar artists to ones that you like.

    I generally use slacker when I’m at work or driving in my car.

  41. 41 DannyR

    I love slacker because it has the BEST sound and selection of music! It’s got a cool website too!

  42. 42 Jose

    Would like to see improvements on the software efficiency so it runs faster and it takes less memory to do so.

  43. 43 Scott K

    I like…
    - Can cache stations
    - Can identify songs I like more than others
    - Can skip songs I don’t like
    - Create my own stations for the mood I’m in
    - Shows what song is coming
    Can improve:
    - A little funky and hard to navigate on the Storm, but heard the tweak is coming soon(?)
    - There is a pause - dead air between songs sometimes.

    My big goal is to cancel my XM Radio in 2 cars and just use Slacker Radio thru my Blackberry.

    The lad at the RIM booth at CES was very helpful to move me from Pandora to Slacker! Good job!

  44. 44 andrew

    Love the bb client! Works really well on the curve8330. Only suggestion would be to have an option to have the ability to play songs across multiple playlists without switching between them. Oh, and there HAS to be a polka channel too!(Kidding!)

  45. 45 Sam

    I love Slacker even though I had issues caching the stations.

  46. 46 Bill Archinal

    I would like it a lot better if it actually worked on my Pearl.

  47. 47 Lucas

    Pandora who? Slacker slays pandora in the mobile market. I used to envy my iphone user “friends” for their native Pandora support, but now I bask in the glory of my Slacker radio.

    Thanks for a great app.

  48. 48 JimSee

    What’s not to love. The best part is that it just works. Most of the other radio/music applications for the Blackberry are streaming nightmares. Slacker was up in running in seconds. Custom stations, caching and the wide music selection make slacker the go-to app on my Curve. Slacker makes it easy to sample different genre’s or artists. For improvements I would say clean up the way the commercials get chopped short and make the song to song transitions faster. Thanks Slacker!

  49. 49 Dean G.

    Things I like about slacker:

    -The ability to cache radio stations; increasing battery life, as well as allowing for the ability to listen when there is no connectivity.
    -The ability to create your own stations and rate songs - customizing your station even further.
    -The sleek interface, very, very easy to use
    -The great artist biography’s that go into much detail

    Things I would like to see changed:
    -A version especially made for the storm! Soon!
    -Better online computer based web interface
    -Bugs ironed out, sometimes songs will just auto skip themselves and sometimes will only play a few seconds then skip

    Thank you very much for this great music application! Its very convenient and I tell everyone I know about it! I am anxious for a storm based version, but I know that it takes time to develop and am not being ungrateful, just very very excited about using this GREAT tool at its highest potential! Thank you very much once again, its been a pleasure to use!

  50. 50 Andy

    Favorite Aspect:
    I love how it’s a one click app that quickly gets me to the music that I love and relax too. To be completely honest, I have an ipod, yet I use Slacker than my own iTunes library for music because of its ease and new songs constantly being added.

    New Improvements:
    I sometimes get to doing work and leave Slacker running. After so long, it’ll time out and ask me if I’m still there. Of course I am! I’m just doing work, and that’s why I haven’t disturbed it in a while. I understand the implimentation of this, but one of the main draws of Slacker is so few clicks to get to what I want listen to in the backround. This makes me stop and remind my device that I’m still present.

    Where I listen to Slacker the most:
    I’m an accounting major at The Pennsylvania State University. This afternoon is a great example. I’ve been working on a very difficult business combination case study. I put Slacker on in my room and listen to it in the backround to keep me motivated while I work on the case. It really helps me unwined when I hit very struggling parts to the case. I actually heard about this case on Twitter after I completed my case and saw Slacker post about this give-away.

    I love Slacker after I’ve heard about it when it was announced first for the Bold back in the Summer of 2008. I use it all the time. Thanks Slacker!

  51. 51 Kevin Stephenson

    Cashed stations and sound quality are two things that really stand out! As soon as my 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter comes in, I am going to use it instead of XM for my car (at least that is the plan!)

  52. 52 mike pags

    Thanks Slacker! (now make with the Storm version so my songs stop cutting off at the end :)

  53. 53 Sin

    The biggest feature for me has been that it is always with me when I need it. I don’t always have my MP3 player or laptop, etc, but my BlackBerry and therefor Slacker are always ready.

  54. 54 skelzer

    By far the best app on the Storm… wish it had talk radio (news). Maybe even podcast support, considering the interface is sooo nice!

  55. 55 MD

    can’t believe it works on my Pearl! wish it would allow to save artist/song names to my account… so I can buy the songs later.

  56. 56 Anthony

    First off, thanks to everyone at Slacker, FortyThree PR, and BBcool for making this possible.

    I just found out about slacker a few days ago- so to see these premium accounts up for grabs is just a godsend! right when i was getting hooked. Slacker has truly gone where no other radio has- right into the mobile OS world. I’m already putting it through the paces, listening where ever I go with a cell signal. My morning commute has an extra beat in its step, and my workouts at the gym are rejuvenated- it’s great having an endless supply of tunes at your fingertips wherever you go.

    Keep up the great work slacker- i’m already impressed with the sheer amount of mainstream music available. My only suggestion so far would be adding Shazam-like functionality so you can identify songs you hear and immediately create a radio station based on that tune. Wouldn’t that be hot?


  57. 57 toe

    The Slacker application for my Blackberry is magnificent! The interface is remarkably simplistic and easily navigated. I wish I could describe my elated feeling when this product was released, as I had resigned to the idea that mobile radio this beautiful was not possible.

    I do wish I could save stations on the mobile app, without accessing my PC account. I also have trouble putting the device to speaker. Instead, the audio will often play out of the earpiece.

    Thank you to everyone involved in making Slacker the amazing product it is on my computer and my Blackberry.

  58. 58 Amanda

    Can’t wait to get Slacker, whether I win or not. I just hope they get the Storm version up soon!

  59. 59 MaDGirL

    I absolutely love Slacker. I tried other apps like this one and they did not measure up. I love the cache ability. I like the fact that I have never had dead air when listening. I listen mostly at work all day long. I love that it doesn’t start buffering in the middle of a song. I was at my son’s high school baseball practice the other day and was just sitting there waiting for hours (3) and was about an hour and half into it and remembered I do have music with me. It made time fly after that. The Pro would be a real bonus.

  60. 60 noah johnson

    I use slacker all the time when I’m on the road. Its better than any of the local radio stations!

  61. 61 Rob

    I love love love the Slacker player for Blackberry! The ability to cache stations is a work of genius. I listen to it almost perpetually at work… in my car… when I should be paying attention to my wife…(hahaha)
    Thanks Slacker for giving us something that is so much fun and so easy to use.

  62. 62 David

    I love Slacker! I listen to it on everything…my PC, my iPod Touch, not to mention my Blackberry, which is my favorite one to use it on…because of the Station Caching feature. Its soo nice to have in the tunnels and where I don’t have service…

    Thanks to Slacker and FortyThree for putting this on!!!

  63. 63 Prodiggy

    The good content and sound quality of Slacker is what sold it for me, especially since it works as described. I think certain categories\genres are missing from their list, but still attainable given that you can enter an artist in that genre to create that type of a station. I have yet to try the caching but hope to do so soon.

  64. 64 Ted Portnay

    I absolutely lover the new slacker app.

    I’ve been a Pandora fan for a long time — I’ve always been jealous of the iphone’s Pandora app

    Now the new Slacker app completely blows away any other app — the cache’ing feature is the best — I listen to slacker in the car and when I work out

  65. 65 merschz

    Superb app for listening to music. Glad its not censored cuz then itd be gay like the real radio.

  66. 66 Justin Cauchon

    I love Slacker Radio, great radio and stations.

  67. 67 John Brown

    Great program. Best one I’ve seen. Good job not playing censored crap or repeating same song 10 times an hour like real radio

  68. 68 Rick

    Slacker Jacker Smack Dab in the Kick Asser! Best dam radio app ever! Listened the whole way from Atlanta to NC for a court appearance, even helped me keep me focused on the music so I would focus on pressing the pedal to the mettle and not earn another trip to his honorable judge costs-a-lot!

  69. 69 Brad

    Sirius XM have alot to learn from Slacker. I am an avid user of both but Slacker absolutely beats Sirius XM with music.

  70. 70 Ricky

    slacker i think its so great what do they need to improve on its so great if they inprove any more be even better wow this app rocks i use it when i can

  71. 71 Mike

    Never heard of slacker before Nan’s review. Thanks for turning me on to it. It’s so cool. My fav feature is how it introduces new artists based on my favs. I listened via my bb at work all day today. I’d love to see them ad lyrics where the album art is displayed.

  72. 72 Dean

    Slacker is very cool. I love being able to create my own stations and being able to skip songs I don’t want to hear. Having it on my Blackberry makes passing the time at work more bareable.

  73. 73 gary jackson

    I’m checking every day for the STORM version.

  74. 74 Bojan Baros

    Awesome! I would like me some Slacker w/ my BB!

  75. 75 brayndeded

    I love all the slacker package…cuz i love tons of music. i start the morning ride to work(cuz i took out the stereo in my jeep)listening to 80s rock to pump me up for work. then at work i listen to some good ol blues baby!! gotta love some blues rock!,then at night end up with some smoooooth jazz to chill out! yes…i AM a slacker junkie. i would love to see them keep adding more blues rock stations and the cashe feature is so sweet! sometimes it shuts down on my 8830 and reboots my phone, so i hope they can tweak a few of the little bugs. Its simple to use,clean and easy to look at and has lots of great info to read bios and such.Keep it up guys!

  76. 76 Will

    I love slacker, I would use is everywhere on my blackberry. I would like to see better song requests so it actually plays that song

  77. 77 Brian Shensky

    I’m really impressed at how well Slacker performs on an EDGE and GPRS network.

    I live on the edge of one of T-Mobile’s EDGE markets, and frequently see my phone go in and out of EDGE mode. Believe it or not, Slacker nary misses a beat. It even continues to work as I go deep into GPRS territory.

    I don’t know how you do it, but it just works!

  78. 78 Jason V

    Slacker is a great application that I use on a daily basis while I’m running reports at work, usually between 8am and 2pm. My favorite aspect of Slacker is how decent the sound quality is and that it doesn’t skip or produce choppy playback. It also does surprisingly well on the battery life which is a plus! I’d like to have the ability to view a list of previous songs/bands played (10 would be nice). Keep up the great work Slacker team!

  79. 79 Corey

    I’ve always been a Pandora fan but I think that the Slacker business model will prove more viable meaning I don’t have to switch services later :) I listen to Slacker radio on my Blackberry in between classes. I wish the buffering was a little more robust. I keep getting stutters and pauses when coverage a little iffy. Otherwise I love it!

  80. 80 Wes

    I like the ability to pick the stations or genre I want. I just got it two days ago but have used it both those days while working out at the gym. It’s worked very well.

  81. 81 Mike240se

    I love slacker on my storm! (even though its not officially supported yet)

    my favorite feature is a tie between the ability to skip songs and station caching. i would have to say station caching is the best though, especially considering how fast it works on my fios.

    as far as improvements, i would mostly like to see a fix, which is to fix the problem where the song ends 20 seconds before it really ends on the storm. as far as improvements, i would like to see a full storm client.

    i listen to slacker daily, in my car sometimes, but mostly in my office at work. i hook my storm up to my altec lansing speaker set and it sounds great. i dont know how slacker does its OTA caching but its amazing.

    A BIG thanks to Slacker and FortyThree PR, i would really love to win one of these!

  82. 82 Nick

    I love using slacker when I am at the gym or out for a jog!

  83. 83 lhorns99

    Best thing about slacker: I finally get to get even with AT&T for all that money I’ve been paying for the unlimited BB data package and not been able to take advantage of. Nice work guys!

  84. 84 Marty

    First off, thanks to the Slacker makers for such a good (free) app. I really expected this to cost a lot when I first saw it.

    I love the cached stations but I also love searching for artists. I found Timmy T (probably shouldn’t have admitted that..) And was excited to hear his music (oh, that either).

    Makes me think of my ex girlfriend and then I remember why I stopped listening to Timmy T.

  85. 85 Littleboy

    The ability to create and cache stations is the defining feature of Slacker! It just works the way we need it to work.

    Thanks BBCool, FortyThree PR, and Slacker Radio.

  86. 86 Slacker Radio better Than Nutsie

    I use Slacker radio all the time and everyday!!! Comedy channel rocks on the way to and from work everyday. I use it with my Bold and the Blackberry Stereo Gateway in my car and it is great. I use the free version and I’m not sure what the advantage would be of the subscription.

  87. 87 Joe

    I love slacker because I can create my own stations with artist that I like and it will transfer to my blackberry via my account. An improvement I would make is to fix the lag running the application on my 8320 Curve.

    Thanks to BBCool, FortyThree PR, and Slacker Radio for this awesome contest!

  88. 88 David

    slacker channels are amazing - if you just want to choose a quick genre it beats Pandora or where you actually have to know what you want.

    And unfortunately we dont have cacheing on the iphone, but the new app is still amazing.

    Hope I win unlimited skips.

  89. 89 ATLcrackberry

    I downloaded slacker and really enjoy it I play it in my car,when I work out, and at work.I would like it if you could search songs and make playlist instead of random songs being played until you hear one u want. There’s not a lot of bad I can say and I would like to thank everyone that made slacker possible for blackberrys.

  90. 90 Rich Shannon

    At first, I couldn’t get Slacker to work without jumping and skipping around. I think it was a memory problem because it works great now. I cleared up some memory and wow!! Really nice variety of music.

  91. 91 victor821

    If you’re like me you enjoy playing Stump the Slacker. Just the other day after spending some time enjoying the dulcet tones of the Chemical Brothers I threw Slacker a curveball and typed in Sonny Bono.

    Did the Slacker servers skip and stumble … No. Did Slacker customer service disable my account … No.

    With nary a pause I was treated to the sounds of Pammie’s on a Bummer. Go Sonny. Go Sonny.

    Need I say more about Slacker?! Can Sebastian Bach do that on his non-Slacker-enabled MP3 player?… I don’t think so.

  92. 92 David

    I love how easy slacker is to use and is great to efficiently listen to music legally.

  93. 93 Greg D.

    I love Slacker. I listen to Slacker at the gym 5-6 times per week for at least an hour each of those days.

    I love seeing the album art and the fact that the songs are cached. I really like being able to skip songs as well.

    I would love to see more stations added to the mix. I would also like the program to be more zippy. Maybe an option that only shows the songs as a list, with no art, to improve performance.

    Thanks Slacker!

  94. 94 Erik Farber

    I just love the way it caches stations….love to see a station set up exclusively for new music…the very latest releases!

  95. 95 Leetgnr

    the cache feature nuff said

  96. 96 Al

    The best part of slacker is their already great selection of radio stations. I listen to it while in the bathroom reading a magazine.

    Thanks Slacker and BBCool

  97. 97 bcaldwell85

    Greatest Blackberry App I have ever had!!
    The user-interface is remarkable compared to ANYTHING else available for the BB. Would recomend this to anyone…
    Man oh man how nice it would be to have unlimited skips! :)

  98. 98 JerryD

    The cache feature is sure nice for a New Yorker that spends way too much time in the subway!

  99. 99 GzimD

    Favorite feature is listening to what I want and not “what’s on”…

    Desired Feature, deeper cache used on my Curve. The Cache should change based on the number of stations and available space. I’ve got room for 4 stations but only want 1 cached… so give me the option of how many to cache or how much space to use for the cache…

  100. 100 Craig

    A little less busy would work

  101. 101 err

    Being able to create stations that you cannot find on regular or even satellite radio anymore is probably the best thing about it. I can finally cancel my Sirius subscription without losing anything! Plus I can ban popular songs of my favorite bands once they sell out. It would be nice if the Slacker app had some controls built into the menus across all apps, so that way if I’m in mail I could pause/play without having to go back into the app. I listen to slacker in my car and in the ice shanty this time of year! Thanks for the promotion and thanks for an awesome app!

  102. 102 Jason

    I am your #1 Slackerite. I started listening to Slacker about 8 months ago and have not stopped since. It gets me through those rough work weeks. I love the custom station feature as well as the band wallpapers and bio’s. I also LOVE the new Blackberry Application.

    The only feature I would like to see added is the ability to have a whole station dedicated to one band.

    Thank You Slacker and FortyThree PR, YOU ROCK!!!

    Slacker is the best thing since Milk and Bread!!

  103. 103 MikeG

    I love the idea of being able to pick stations based on the type of music I feel like listening to or create my own station if I feel like mixing and matching. One thing I might want to fix is to make the application loading a little less graphics intensive when showing list of stations with the pictures, it sometimes takes a little while for these to load on my pearl, and when I’m listening to slacker while I’m working out I just want to be able to load up my station and get going fast.

  104. 104 Dan B.

    I’ve used Slacker radio before and found out through your RSS feed that it was available for my BB. I’ve tried it out and like it a lot more than what I was using before (flycast). Thanks for keeping me up to date with the latest info on apps and software for my storm!

  105. 105 BrianG

    Slacker is great. I listen to it at work all day long. I love the fact that you can cache stations. I don’t get the best reception in my offce so being able to save stations to the memory card allows me to listen great music all day long.

  106. 106 Phillip Goettsch

    Slacker looks really great, been using Pandora, but gonna switch due to the BB support.

    Can’t wait to see what it looks like on my Storm!

  107. 107 Jerry H Browning

    This app is awesome. I cached 9 stations on my Bold the first day I downoaded it. I use it when I am working out or walking on my daily walk. Love that I can play it thru my radio speakers (stereo) when I am traveling. The fantastic aspect is there is very little buffering when you are listening.

    As far as I am concerned it is the best app for a radio experience.

    Thanks BBCool, FortyThree PR, and Slacker Radio.

  108. 108 Chris

    The ability to create your own stations at your desk/wherever and then take them take them on the go and cache them if need be is super handy.

  109. 109 Ivan F

    I listen to Slacker all day at work. When my work day is up, I just grab my phone and continue listening all the way to my car. Plug the AUX cable into my BlackBerry and I never miss a beat with Slacker. Plus all the great features are free. What can top that?

  110. 110 Scott

    I love cached stations for times I have no internet, also being able to skip more with maybe ads would be great, this app is better then Pandora. thanks for the great app.


  111. 111 Rich Shannon

    At first, I couldn’t get Slacker to work on my 8110 Pearl. Uninstalled and reinstalled and now works great. Maybe a memory problem. Love the cache mode.

  112. 112 Ivan F

    Almost forgot:
    Big thanks to BBCool, FortyThree PR and of course Slacker!

  113. 113 ed han

    i love the artist selection. i hate the commercials.

  114. 114 the-Jer

    I really like the cached station option as well. The only improvement I could ask for would be to see what song is coming up. I’m already shown the artist but it would be nice to see the song as well. I usually listen to Slacker around the house. It’s wicked fast with my wireless setup. The cached option allows me to take it on the plane with me.

    Thanks for the promo and for Slacker!

  115. 115 Clint

    I have been playing with Slacker for a few weeks now, and I really like the way it works. The stream is very good over my Verizon signal, and it amazingly doesn’t kill my battery!

  116. 116 slvr6

    I think the slacker app is pretty good and it makes great use of being able to stream via EDGE and to offer un-interrupted listening. It does end up being slightly laggy on my 8320 and the app takes a lot of space (won’t be an issue on a newer device). Great contest!

  117. 117 Adam G

    Love Slacker. Would like to see if it could be less battery intensive. Also, the buffering time in between songs is making me nuts. I keep thinking I’ve lost my connection. Gotta find a way to pre-buffer the next song. Again, love the app. Love the concept. Can’t wait to see the perfected version. Thanks.

  118. 118 Franyok

    I love, love, love Slacker! I think it’s great that you can make and cache your own stations, and that you are able to skip songs. I usually listen to it any time I’m not near my computer, but the best time is when I’m cooking in the kitchen! I just wish I could connect it to my car speakers and listen to it while driving!

  119. 119 tttc24

    I love Slacker and the cache feature is the best. I listen everywhere I go home, work, and I work in the cell phone industry and when I sale a blackberry I tell my customers to check out Slacker. I love the stations that Slackers provided so the only improvement I see at this time is more stations. Keep the music coming, Thanks Slacker.

  120. 120 piano123

    caching is amazing and I hope I win this contest!

    Thanks to Slacker and FortyThree PR!!!

    Lets hope we get more contests like this.

  121. 121 Andrew Johnson

    I love the fact that the program allows you to “create” you own station baesed on a band you like. Also the ablity to have it stream over 3g, wifi, or just cached memory really puts it above other similer programs.

  122. 122 Mike T

    I love being able to take custom stations everywhere I go. I love my slacker portable player and its plus subscription, and would love to be able to give a subscription to my wife too.

  123. 123 ph0n3g33k

    So i first heard about Slacker through this website and although i had tried other internet radio programs, Pandora and such i figured i’d give Slacker a try. WOW!! not only am I hooked, i got the other folks i work with hooked as well. I listen to it on my BB Bold and so do the other folks that have Bolds as well(5 in all). Here’s the BEST part…i’m an At&t Store Manager and have downloaded Slacker on ALL 4 Bolds on display and play different stations at once…customers love it and they LOVE the interface as well!!!(That’s MY favorite part)! Even installed it for my wife on her iPhone!

  124. 124 Nick

    I love the slacker app for blackberry! I admit I downloaded the one someone posted about for the Storm. It works fine except for when using the speaker you have to adjust the volume in order to hear the song that has been streaming for five seconds already. It works fine when you plug in headphones though. But when you plug in head phones it automatically goes to the next song. Interesting little bugs is all. They haven’t stopped me from using the app. I love the fact that I can cache my stations to my 8GB media card. I still have room for like 30 more stations which I don’t think I will ever fill. I’ve mostly used the app when I’m rendering video or creating a DVD image on my computer and can’t stream music reliably. Thanks Slacker! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the official release for the Storm!

  125. 125 RayG

    Killer App of the year… or at least tied for 1st. Caching is the way to go, even though it would stream fine in my cubicle. The subway makes caching a must. I would like to see a bit more speed in response time, though. Working with the pull-downs seem to lag a bit. And one other option I’d like to see is the ability to shuffle BETWEEN cached stations. I could probably spend a lot of time customizing and skipping, banning, etc… but a Cache Shuffle would be a blast.

  126. 126 conker

    - Stereo bluetooth support would be great
    - friends list - sharing of stations
    - what people are listening to page
    - more statistics and deeper ranking system
    - thumbs up/thumbs down (or similar)
    - auto update option

  127. 127 addictedtoBB

    Wouldn’t know since the 8830 isn’t supported :(

  128. 128 Andy

    Love Slacker. Love that they had the smarts to provide a cache option. Too many Blackberry apps forget that we are often outside of radio range.

  129. 129 mespinoza99

    Big fan of both BBCool & Slacker

  130. 130 rushringleader

    I like the station cacheing and I wish it was fully supported on the Storm at this time. I use when I want a change of pace.

  131. 131 Jesse

    I love slacker because it is essentially helping me to get away from having to carry an ipod.

    I listen mostly in the car.

    Improvements: Every once in a while a song pops up in a station that absolutely does not belong there. i.e a country song in a rap station.

  132. 132 Leena

    I use Slacker on my commute in to work.
    Its great because it picks up where satellite normally wouldn’t.
    Plus I don’t need to carry anything but my blackberry to get all the different stations.
    If I had any features for the future in mind, I’d post but so far Slacker is perfect in what it does.
    Keep up the great work and thanks BBCool and FortyThree PR!!

  133. 133 Matt

    I love being able to see the next song coming up. If I know I’m not going to like it, I can just browse over to a different station. I’d love to be able to try a premium account. Would love to see if I could replace my home XM subscription with Slacker. Thanks everyone.

  134. 134 David

    My favorite App
    You guys are my free XM Radio, I hook you guys up everywhere i am


    I Love your app on my storm, the only thing that i think needs to be fixed up is that the song ends a little early

    Hope i Win!

  135. 135 Robert

    I get sick and tired of all the slick/cool applications being for the iphone.
    Slacker is definitely slick and cool. It is far better at streaming that the default streaming application on my curve. Great job Slacker.
    I just downloaded it as few minutes ago. Sweet.

  136. 136 GeekyDad

    I love Slacker! I knew nothing about it until the BlackBerry client was released. Now I’m hooked. You guys did a great job with the BlackBerry client. My biggest wish right now (and gripe) is the volume. The lowest setting is still TOO LOUD! I work in a very quiet environment, and the lowest setting is just too loud for me. Please… please… please… make the lowest setting lower. The highest setting is freakin deafening, so you should have room to shift the scale a little.

    I love the caching feature as well as the ability to mark your favorites and have them played more often. It would also be nice to be able to go back to the previous song and replay it or at least find-out who it was. I mainly listen to the Christian station under Spiritual, so thank you for that station! I’m a software developer, and I listen to Slacker while I write code at work. :-)

  137. 137 Chuck

    The best app developed for internet radio!

  138. 138 chris

    i listen to slacker when i take my shits

  139. 139 Josh

    My favorite aspect of Slacker is the ability to back out and run other applications while still listening to the radio. One thing I feel they could work on are their playlists. I feel that when I type in an artist, they don’t play enough of them and more of the artists that sound alike.

    Thanks to Slaker and 43 PR for the great application.

  140. 140 jschil02

    I must admit that slacker radio is one of the most amazing blackberry, internet, and portible devices. It is an app I recommend to all bb users. It came in handy the othernight as I had to work in dead silence it was a life saver. Thank you slacker I will continue to offer your amazing product


    I love it!! Slacker radio

  142. 142 Mike240se

    whats up with this? has it been drawn? wasnt it drawn yesterday? no announcement?

  143. 143 brayndeded

    Ok so its Wed. afternoon, do we have a list of winners yet? I dont see any results posted yet.

  144. 144 David

    Yea we need winners!

  145. 145 Fred

    Slacker is awesome and works just fine in Canada btw.

  146. 146 Querque55

    I am new to Slacker so it would be nice to have the “Plus” version.

  147. 147 John Wallace

    Creating custom stations and caching RULE!

  148. 148 Steve Colson

    Love the cached stations. Need to create custom music profile to keep stacker playing when email or text come in.

  149. 149 Kat

    Hey, I listen to slacker everywhere on my black berry storm (in my car, at the office, walking, even in bed) I don’t go anywhere without it.

  150. 150 Ron G

    Love Slacker. Listen to it all day and night at both my jobs(yes I am working while listening). Love the custom stations and the mix of artists. I rave about it to my non-Blackberry-having friends.

  151. 151 Aaron

    Love Slacker! It’s on my Blackberry! It’s on my ipod touch! It’s on my Mac portable! It’s on all of my PC’s! Oh, and of course it’s on my slacker radio!

  152. 152 Michael

    It’s free!!, says it all.

  153. 153 crackberryhead

    my favorite aspect of slacker is how accurate the custom channels are, its like having your own dj, on your blackberry! i use it a lot in my car, connected to my stereo because, come on, FM is the 20th century and XM costs too much. The one thing i would change about slacker would be the ability to go back and replay a song after it has been skipped. other than that, it is perfect!

  154. 154 Machelle Carden

    I adore Slacker and listen actually in the bath tub…smooth jazz, Norah Jones, Colbie Calliet, and Anna Nalick!!! Have it on my ipod touch, my blackberry, and my laptop…Thank you and can’t wait to see what else is coming up!!!

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