BES Admins: is your new home

Tomorrow is January 31st, or 31/01, if you prefer. Why is this day important? Well, if you’re a BES admin, it means that you have a new home on the Internet: Port3101 is a forum community built by BES admins, for BES admins. And we’re not talking about just any BES admins, but industry luminaries (and occasionally BBCool contributers) like Jibi (give him a shout out for the great logo he designed! Based off of BBCool’s WES cards, true story) and NJ BlackBerry.

We’ve spent some time tooling around on Port3101, and we’re pretty impressed considering it doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow. There’s already a healthy following of contributors, and the Knowledge Base and 3101 sections are stacking up threads. It’s a little weird that the off-topic discussion area has the most posts by far, but we expect that to even out post-launch.

So check out and tell us what you think; we’ll be keeping a close eye on how it develops. Oh yeah, and for the newbs, Port 3101 is for outbound connections initiated by the BES to RIM’s SRP infrastructure - act like you know.

2 Responses to “BES Admins: is your new home”

  1. 1 Darien

    It would be nice if Port3101 had a section for BPS Admin’s to chat/share info as well….

  2. 2 Otto

    Darien, we had discussions about splitting out BPS from the BES forum, however my thoughts on the BlackBerry Solution has been that they are related to a large degree of crossover. I put myself in each situation and thought, “If I need need help, would I rather ask 100 people that have a 95-99% knowledge of the same core product or a much smaller handful of people that share the exact same product.”

    It’s this logic that led to the decision not to split Domino from Exchange and BPS from BES… for now. While we may one day revisit the decision to split it off (especially if there ends up being a real need to do so, such as a HUGE gap in the technology offerings), feel free to treat the BES forum as the BPS forum… people are there to help and they will.

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