BlackBerry Developer Conference Storms (finally) ship

Some great, if not belated news, for all the BlackBerry Developer Conference attendees that were given an IOU for a free BlackBerry Storm during the show. One of the developers at the show has informed us that those near-forgotten devices are in the home stretch of their Odyssian journey:

We are happy to tell you that your BlackBerry Storm smartphone from the device giveaway at the BlackBerry Developer Conference has been shipped!

We hope to see you again at next year’s conference.

The BlackBerry Developer Conference Team

For those keeping score at home, this post indicates an almost 3-month turnaround. But I guess you can’t look a free Storm in the mouth, especially since RIM just sold 1 million of them.

Special thanks to my main man, Rob K., for the tip!

3 Responses to “BlackBerry Developer Conference Storms (finally) ship”

  1. 1 Andrea Mutz-Mercier

    I opted for the free Bold but they were out by the time I got there. My bold only arrived last week.

  2. 2 wannastorm

    YEP!! I mine today!! It is sweet. I dunno if they done something to this batch of Storm, but it run lightening fast! However, when I checked the OS version, it is still OS


  3. 3 Derek

    Another reason I’m glad that I opted for the Bold. They just scanned my badge and handed me the box. That was it! I was already using it before the conference was even over! (I also like the keyboard, Wi-Fi, and ability to just pop in my SIM and use it with my existing GSM provider)

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