CES 2009: Zeemote for BlackBerry

When he wasn’t gambling, drinking, or twitter live-blogging, BlackBerry Cool contributer Nan Palmero was roaming around Las Vegas with a camera to bring you the goods from CES 2009. One of his first stops was at the Zeemote booth, a BlackBerry Cool 15 presenter and all around cool company that makes a sweet bluetooth controller for smartphone gaming. While the Zeemote JS1 controller is only out in Europe and Mexico right now, you can expect it to launch in Canada and the U.S. in a few months.

4 Responses to “CES 2009: Zeemote for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    Nice video Nan, I can’t wait to grab one of these, looks like it might making gaming on my Bold and 8900 all that much better!!

  2. 2 Nan Palmero

    Thanks so much, it was my first attempt. Jon made it easy. The zeemote is actually really cool and very responsive.

  3. 3 Bla1ze

    That’s awesome, as you know I’m one of those people stuck in Canada so my ZeeMote purchase is being held up.

    Have a look at my first video review, not quite as “on par” as yours, but you’ll laugh ur buns off..


  4. 4 conedude13

    it looked like during game play with the zeemote the back light would turn off. if your using the zeemote will the backlight turn off due to appearing inactive from the blackberry’s pov? meaning that there is some more integration needed from the zeemote, or is that a typical bluetooth thing?

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