Gym Technik workout help for BlackBerry updated

Did you make a new year’s resolution to go to the gym more? If so, you should check out Gym Technik for BlackBerry. The app has just been upgraded and features many additions recommended by Gym Technik users. The upgrade is automatic and free so all you have to do is just login and continue using Gym Technik as normal and you will see all the new changes.

New home page when you login

Instantly view informative summaries about both your workouts and body stats as soon as you login on your home page. You will also see a much more intuitive navigation to other portions of the site.

Articles at your fingertips

Informative articles, both featured and latest, displayed to you on your home page as we update them. Now you’re always in the loop on the latest informative articles from Gym Technik.

Workout and Routine Library

This is probably our most exciting new feature. We’ve built out a workout library section where you can find pre-built workouts and routines each within its own category. So if you’re looking for a new routine or just need some guidance in building out your workouts, browse all the categories within our workout library and in one click add any of our 60 published routines to your own workout library and begin to track on your calendar and your smartphone.

The library

As an extension to our workout and routine library, we’ve built out a content driven library where you can browse through for fitness tips, nutritional advice, lifestyle articles, and smartphone tips. So if you’re looking for that extra bit of motivation or want to learn a few tricks on the latest integrations with your smartphone – The Gym Technik library will have what you need in here.

More exercises and more images

Gym Technik has extended it’s already extensive exercise list with new exercises requested by many of you. We’ve also added videos and images for almost all of our exercises so you can now get the guidance you need for any new exercises you add to your routine.

Edit or delete your custom exercises

This was probably the most requested feature so this is sure to excite many of you. Now you can edit or delete any of your custom exercises that you’ve already created.

Upload photos

Now with Gym Technik, you can track both your workout stats AND the progress of your body through photos. Upload photos of yourself using your smartphone or directly from the web site and tag each photo to a body part to visually watch yourself get closer to your goals.

Enhanced user interface for smarthones

We have taken a lot of your suggestions and improved the user interface of the smartphone application. Improvements will be seen across all smartphone handsets.

Faster experience on mobile

We have optimized the way images load up to give you a faster experience on the mobile application. And to make it even faster, you can turn images off in your mobile settings.

International launch

We are proud to announce that Gym Technik is now multi-lingual, with our first language launched in German at

Browser compatibility

With the launch of all these new features and the enhanced user interface, Gym Technik no longer supports Internet Explorer 6.0. So if you’re using IE 6, you will have to upgrade to version 7.0 or use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to enjoy all of our new features.

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  1. 1 erick

    wow, this is a really cool service. I`m already taking my Bold with me as I returned to the gym last week. Cool tips man!

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