Obama fighting to keep his BlackBerry

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We haven’t really posted about this before, mostly because we never thought he’d actually be able to keep it, but it’s time to talk about Barack Obama and his BlackBerry. In response to questions of whether or not he’ll follow the lead of previous administrations and limit access to documented communications, Obama vowed to fight to keep his BlackBerry.

“They’re going to pry it out of my hands,” he told CBNC about his BlackBerry, a cellphone made by Research In Motion Ltd that handles e-mail and has become an essential accessory for on-the-go movers and shakers.

Beyond being pretty damn cool (Barack, hit me on BBM), this decision will have serious ramifications on the Obama administration. By choosing to have access to and communicate via email, all of Obama’s BlackBerry secrets must be recorded and archived for posterity. I for one cannot wait to read those emails.

|via Reuters|

  • Luke in DC
    The real problem is not emails. It is that Obama's movements can be tracked with a fair degree of accuracy if one were to gain his cell phone #, IMEI or even pin#. So unless he is given a new blackberry with a new phone number daily, anyone with access to the right software and cell towers can track him. Makes an assassin's job that much easier. The security around President-elect Obama is not that tight just because he is the President. He recieved death threats & secret service protection during the primaries. Even before he became a front-runner. They have only increased since then.
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