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KPN and RIM Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in The Netherlands


Press Release

The Hague, The Netherlands and Waterloo, Canada - KPN and Research In Motion today launched the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone. The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 has an expansive feature set that keeps users easily connected with their office, friends and family. In addition to being an exceptional phone with email, messaging, organizer, web browser and multimedia applications, the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 also features built-in Wi-Fi® (802.11 b/g), GPS, a fast processor (512Mhz) and a dazzling high resolution display, enabling customers to remain productive and entertained while on the move.

The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is available from KPN without a subscription at the price of € 347 (including taxes).

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Maxis to Launch the BlackBerry Pearl Flip in Malaysia


BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Press Release

Malaysia’s leading operator also lowers the BlackBerry service package price

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia’s leading mobile operator, Maxis Communications Berhad, and Research In Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone in the country. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is the first BlackBerry smartphone to feature the popular “clamshell” or “flip” design. It builds on the success of the original BlackBerry Pearl series and offers phone enthusiasts a new fun and stylish choice.

Matthew Willsher, Maxis Chief Marketing Officer said, “Today, we are extremely excited to bring our customers the next level of mobile communications with the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, a great-looking phone and so much more. It has a design that people are comfortable with and will enjoy using for voice calls, multimedia applications, text and email messaging and Internet browsing. This innovative phone is the ideal choice for first time BlackBerry smartphone users, and we hope it will encourage our retail customers to enjoy the freedom of accessing their emails, communications and multimedia needs on the go.

The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone is available at all 29 Maxis Centres nationwide at RM1,199, if purchased with a Value 150 postpaid plan and a BlackBerry service package that comes with a 24-month contract. Without a contract, it retails at RM1,999. For more information, visit

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CES 2009: TeleNav GPS Navigator for the BlackBerry Storm hands-on!


A lot of BlackBerry Storm users are still waiting for Storm versions of their favorite BlackBerry software, and TeleNav GPS Navigator is no exception. Nan Palmero spent some time with the fine folks at TeleNav during CES 2009 checking out their new version for the BlackBerry Storm. In addition to the video above, TeleNav’s Mary Beth Lowell goes deeper into GPS Navigator’s functionality after the jump. Check out both videos and tell us what you think!

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e-Mobile Today Professional BlackBerry Storm Edition (v.1.2) Reviewed!


Many of you may remember that I reviewed e-Mobile Today and e-Mobile Today Professional Edition roughly a month ago. Well, E-Mobile Software Inc. has come out with a special Storm Edition of their popular e-Mobile Today software, which comes in two versions: standard and professional. The features found in each version are more or less the same on other device versions, but I really liked the professional edition last time around so I decided to take a closer look at the same edition made specifically for the storm.

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CES 2009: Zeemote for BlackBerry


When he wasn’t gambling, drinking, or twitter live-blogging, BlackBerry Cool contributer Nan Palmero was roaming around Las Vegas with a camera to bring you the goods from CES 2009. One of his first stops was at the Zeemote booth, a BlackBerry Cool 15 presenter and all around cool company that makes a sweet bluetooth controller for smartphone gaming. While the Zeemote JS1 controller is only out in Europe and Mexico right now, you can expect it to launch in Canada and the U.S. in a few months.

BeamReader for BlackBerry launches


Our friends at SLG Mobile (formerly BeamBerry Solutions) just pinged us that BeamReader, a huge favorite at the BlackBerry Cool 15 - and winner of an offer sheet from the BlackBerry Partners Fund - has left beta and is now officially available. BeamReader is a full fidelity native PDF viewing application for BlackBerry, meaning that all document rendering occurs on the BlackBerry without the need for server side pre-processing or even a network connection. The hallmark of BeamReader is its ability to render actual fonts embedded in a PDF document as opposed to using font substitutes that adversely affect the document’s look and formatting.

“We are delighted to introduce BeamReader to the BlackBerry market and firmly believe that a native full fidelity PDF reader makes the BlackBerry platform more complete for business users and more competitive with other platforms,” said Evgeny Lebanidze, President and CEO of SLG Mobile.

For additional information on BeamReader, including download and purchase information, head to If you’re really interested in BeamReader, check out the podcast interview we did with SLG Mobile CEO Evgeny Lebanidze at BBDC.

MTN-Rwandacell and Rwandatel launch BlackBerry service


We have some happy news today, as another country has joined the BlackBerry Nation. Rwandan carriers MTN-Rwandacell and Rwandatel have announced official support for BlackBerry service is coming soon. While there is no set device listing or official launch date, Rwandacell insiders note that BlackBerry devices can already run on their network. You can most likely expect the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl at launch for both carriers.

Rwanda will join regional counterparts Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda currently using Blackberry services. Welcome to the club!

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CommSolv Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program


Press Release

Toronto, ON - CommSolv, a leader in Communications Asset Management solutions for wireless and wireline networks announces that it has joined the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance Program.

Membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program has helped CommSolv develop a seamlessly integrated wireless device management solution for BlackBerry Enterprise Server on CommSolv’s Mobile Asset Management platform. The CommSolv Communications Asset Management platform enables enterprises to centralize the control of their corporate wireless assets, making it easy for them to:

    * Save money and increase budget predictability by establishing and enforcing corporate policies about the phones, service plans and features that each employee is allowed to order.
    * Increase control of assets and sensitive data by centrally storing and automatically updating the record of all their wireless assets, who they are assigned to and their statuses.
    * Increase customer satisfaction by providing a self-service portal for new wireless service requests and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency by managing service provider orders and synchronizing inventory with new service orders and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency and auditing capability by standardizing workflow process flows for new, disconnected and changed assets

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Cali girl sent over 14,528 text messages in one month


Dr. Phil isn’t a real doctor by the way. He just gets paid millions of dollars to tell people to get their lives together. The above video shows a girl who averages 5,000 texts per month but her record has been totally destroyed. A 13-year old girl in California sent 484 text messages every day in December - an average of one message every 2 minutes during the waking hours. Her total at the end of the month was 14,528 text messages

“First, I laughed. I thought, ‘That’s insane, that’s impossible,’” said Hardesty, her father and a reporter for The Orange County Register. “And I immediately whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible.”

Thankfully, the family had an unlimited texting plan, because we’ve seen reports about how carriers are itching to hit you up for SMS dollars.


Orange UK launching BlackBerry pay-as-you-go soon


Even though Orange is thinking about pulling the BlackBerry Bold from its device lineup, the carrier is still fully committed to BlackBerry, though at a decidedly more low cost scale. Our pal Ronen from BerryReview has noticed that Orange UK has posted the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in Titanium and Indigo as ‘coming soon’ with a pay-as-you-go option. As you probably remember, RIM ceo-Jim Balsillie indicated during the fiscal Q3 2009 conference call that pre-paid BlackBerry options would be a growing trend worldwide.

Pricing information is unavailable at this time, but you can hit the link below to sign up for email notifications from Orange.

Orange UK BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Pay As You Go

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