Slacker Radio Plus Subscription Winners!

It seems that Slacker has really been a hit for the BlackBerry kids out there! We received an astounding 144 responses to Monday’s post giving away a one month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus. Due to the overwhelming response, we took a little extra time to talk to our friends over at Slacker and FortyThree to ask for more licenses. Guess what? They doubled up, so now twenty of you will be receiving a one month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus! So here are your twenty winners, congratulations!

Kevin Stephenson
Dean G.
Angie C
Chad D
Jerry H Browning

Each winner will be contacted by BlackBerryCool and/or Slacker; if not, please post a comment to let us know. Thanks to everyone who participated, and a big thanks again to Slacker and FortyThree, for helping us take care of our music junkies!

11 Responses to “Slacker Radio Plus Subscription Winners!”

  1. 1 brayndeded

    Sweet!! I won! Thanks gang, cant wait to hook up in premo style!
    Let the Blackberry Jam begin!

  2. 2 piano123

    Cool!!! I won. I’ll probably end up subscribing if the skips and requests are worth it. Not to mention no commercials.

    I didn’t get emailed or anything yet but ill give you guys time to sort everything out with Slacker.

  3. 3 Nan Palmero

    Congratulations on the win folks! You should be receiving an email within the next day or so letting you know the details. Thanks again for commenting!

  4. 4 Marty

    Awesome — I won! And, I never win anything. Thia is great. Thanks a lot Slacker folks!!

  5. 5 piano123

    actually with the new xm/sirius price increase for satellite radio, I’ll probably take the few dollars a month to slacker instead.

    Online + mobile on my existing devices with probably better sound quality anyway.

  6. 6 Clint


  7. 7 skelzer

    Awesome! Looking forward to the added features! Any idea of when we can try them out? Thanks again! -s

  8. 8 Bla1ze

    I’m still waiting for the Dec 19th contest winners to be announced lol!!

  9. 9 Brad

    Awesome, didn’t win!

  10. 10 ATLcrackberry

    Yayyy me woot. I haven’t received an e-mail tho

  11. 11 piano123

    Yea I havent either yet.

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