5 Responses to “SocialScope Beta hands-on and 200 free invites!”

  1. 1 Adi Popescu

    I am the first one ? :) Got the invite allready thanks it is great !

  2. 2 Neng

    so i got the email invite. pretty psyched because i’m curious to see a combined twitter & facebook client. just waiting for the download link. waiting…waiting.. :)

  3. 3 Jason Dever

    I finally got the invite. I will blog my impressions shortly!

  4. 4 jspun

    Got an acceptance letter… Just waiting on that key. Now if could get on the BOLT list…

  5. 5 Neng

    i got my invite and authorization code. awesome…

    overall, i think it’s a great application, with a lot of potential to be a really good combined twitter/facebook client (and others perhaps). at this point, i agree in that it does lean more towards titter. so i’m looking forward to eventual future updates from @socialscope.

    i found it easy to use and very intuitive to navigate. as a storm user, support for the touchscreen would be awesome!

    nice to be involved in the early stages and staying tuned…

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