Do you need Obama-level BlackBerry security?

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Barack Obama

Roy Bragg of the San Antonio Express-News has written an article investigating the security surrounding President Obama’s BarackBerry and how that is juxtaposed against the needs of the common BlackBerry user. Unfortunately, Mr. Bragg was unable to interview any BlackBerry experts, so I had to pinch hit. My take on the matter is that one should be more worried about losing their BlackBerry than having it’s transmissions swiped over the air:

The biggest threat, however, is physical — a lost or abandoned handset can be opened and its contents divulged.

Most handsets have built-in password protection, and Microsoft Office documents can also be created with password protection. Older e-mails and documents should also be deleted at regular intervals rather than being archived on the device.

And to protect the device even more, it’s a good practice to keep sensitive data on a remote computer, accessible only while the phone is logged onto the secure network. Blackberry users can buy software such as SmrtGuard, which can back up data, shred sensitive data, and can be tracked or shut down via GPS if it’s stolen.

It’s a well-written piece and poses an interesting question: are you more concerned about losing your BlackBerry or having it ‘hacked’?

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  • Justin Bortnick
    Check this out. There is a solution that will help Obama hold on to that Blackberry.
  • Larry
    Our customers worry more about losing a Blackberry that has confidential information on it.

    We provide a secure mobile forms and data application currently in use in the healthcare industry; our solution provides for the secure capture, tracking,audit and receipt of confidential data, in this case hospice and home health patients. One of the design goals provided to us is to leave no PHI (personal health info) on the Blackberry in case of loss or theft.
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