Fido launches the BlackBerry Pearl 8100

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After a few months of speculation, Fido has relaunched BlackBerry service with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. That’s right, not the BlackBerry 8120 or even the 8110, but the BlackBerry 8100. However, Fido is Rogers’ low-end consumer brand, so there must be some sort of deal involved, correct? Well, the promo image above shows that the Pearl 8100 can be purchased for $25 with a 3 year Fido agreement/data plan. Hmm, three years is a long time, so what about some sort of month to month option? $400 freaking dollars? What about the data plans?

    * $15 - Unlimited personal email and IM
    * $25 - 500MB
    * $30 - 1GB
    * $60 - 3GB

Ok, at least that’s pretty sane. For the youth demographic, though, $15 a month for email and IM (what they want the BlackBerry for anyways) and another $15 for phone service (based upon their cheapest rate) isn’t that bad. But instead of paying $400 or signing a three year contract, swing by the BBCool HQ first: we have a box of old 8100s that we’d be willing to give away, guaranteed (guarantee void in Tennessee).

Fido BlackBerry Pearl Promo

  • swapnil
    Hey i want a pearl .

    let me know

  • M to the K

    I sent you an email yesterday.
  • Kyle
    @M to the K

    HAHA. Yes I was actually thinking something along the lines of the Klondike Bar commercial. We'll have to think about this one a little.
  • M to the K
    Kyle, is this like a Klondike Bar commercial? How's about you tell me the price first (money, dignity, some mix of both, etc) and I'll tell you if I'm game.
  • Kyle
    @M to the K

    What would you do for an 8100? I'm sure something can be arranged.
  • M to the K
    Seriously, do you have 8100's lying around? I do not live in Tennessee and would like one (I know it's a Simpsons line, but I really do want that phone).
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