Momentem time and expense tracker for BlackBerry

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I got this info from a fellow Twitterer who said the new Momentem feature would be interesting to BlackBerryCool readers. The service allows you to capture billable hours and costs as they happen by tagging calls, emails, meetings and expenses right from your BlackBerry. With Momentem, you can generate up-to-date reports organized by contacts, projects and activity type. Other features include:

* Easily create contact profiles linked to projects and billing rates, and specify the type of activities you wish to be prompted for tagging i.e. all outgoing calls longer than 30 seconds.
* Track communications, meetings, and expenses with just a few convenient clicks on your smartphone.
* Stay on top of accounts with instant activity summaries or follow up notes, supported by detailed Excel reports sent to your email address.
* Enhance billing and deliver superior client service through current, clear, and searchable audit trails.
* Start in just minutes by downloading Momentem to your smartphone and following the simple setup instructions – no need for costly IT development!

Has anyone with a BlackBerry on Rogers tried this service?

As a consumer or enterprise user, do you think this will save you money?

More info here.

(Thanks robotmansa)

  • addictedtoBB
    Didn't you guys have another product that did the same thing several months ago? Or is this the same one?
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