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WICKSoft has just released a new version their mobile collaboration solution for BlackBerry. The latest version allows you to edit and view shared and delegate calendars and contacts in Exchange using your device.

Shared and delegate content in Exchange is very popular among organizations of all sizes, but until now it has been unavailable to BlackBerry users. With WICKSoft, you can access everything in Exchange using your BlackBerry. New viewing modes for calendars, and improved searching, have made working with large contact lists and busy calendars easy to do.

Contacts and appointments can be synchronized with the phone, or you can work directly with the original—creating new appointments and contacts, and viewing and updating existing ones.

In addition, WICKSoft allows you to view files attached to meetings and contacts, as well as search your inbox for messages that are no longer stored on the phone.

Visit WICKSoft for details.

More breaking news to come from WICKSoft in the near future so stay tuned.

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