5 free BlackBerry Storm apps


This app will deactivate your screen when talking on the phone. Good app for preventing any accidental hangups or button pressing. Download here.


Viigo is an RSS reader so you can read all your favorite sites on the go. It also lets you send Twitter updates right from RSS feeds that you want to let your Twitter friends know about. Download here.

Google Maps

This doesn’t need any explanation. Great maps to take you anywhere. Get it here


Slacker internet radio client for the Storm gives you over 100 stations for free. Download it here


Poynt is essentially a local search service with three main components: search for business, movie search, and a ‘map this search’ function. Download it here.


Know of more free BlackBerry Storm apps? Comment a download link and share with the community.

17 Responses to “5 free BlackBerry Storm apps”

  1. 1 DaCeige

    I’d add NAV4ALL to your list. Its free turn by turn GPS with Voice Navigation.

    And it works perfectly with the Storm’s GPS.


  2. 2 dryerbuzz

    New to blackberries and purchased the storm. I like Radio Companion, but I will check slacker also.

    Question, was charging storm yesterday on a PC in the office and could swear i was feeling a bit of electricity. Didn’t get this when charging on the laptop. Should the phone be off when charging?

  3. 3 moog

    You felt electricity? What the what?

  4. 4 Romelle

    hey, dryerbuzz, check to the power plug on your desktop has the ground piece, its the piece below the two prongs on the end of the cord. If so replace it,

  5. 5 Lou

    Does anyone about the Talk Lock app??? If it deactivates the screen when you are on the phone, how do you access voicemail if you can’t punch in the code or promt????

  6. 6 Tim


    When Talk Lock is active (during a phone call), there is a slide bar on the screen to unlock. It really is a handy app, I no longer mute my phone accidentally.

  7. 7 abriones

    Has anyone heard of puretracker and why does it have no sound?

  8. 8 BALI for the world

    perfect BlackBerry Storm apps.
    i used 9530 @denpasar bali indonesia
    and it works perfectly


  9. 9 Blackberry Storm Apps

    I needed call blocker app and I have got one at Blackberry Storm Apps it is almost free (only $0.99). I like this app and its really cool…

  10. 10 Jim

    The talklock isn’t FREE after all … you shouldn’t publish something as free if it costs $2.99 to get it.

  11. 11 Tim

    Talklock WAS free at the time the article was published. Sorry to hear that it costs money now.

  12. 12 bossdragon

    Talklock is still free. Just google it and hit the websites that say they have it. I found it free on 3 different sites like a week.

  13. 13 mike

    Why gripe about it if you can afford the phone you can afford 2.99 for the app but I just got it for free

  14. 14 Kwavon


    The point was it was published as ‘free’. You like people lying to you?

  15. 15 AtlantaBAMA

    Check out http://www.epicapplications.com - Lots of free apps for Blackberry Storm only!!!

    Also, http://www.iheartradio.com is a good radio app.

  16. 16 vtbucs

    That is why people get married, isn’t it?

  17. 17 Pat

    yea talklock isnt free anymore… and o yea mike u sound like a fag, who says gripe..

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