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Been getting annoying calls from your local witchcraft guild? Now you can add them to your black list and POOF they’re gone!

Without a doubt your very first step should be to visit WebGate’s website and download the User’s Manual if you want to take full control of the functionality of this app. If not, you’ll need a witch doctor to help you understand how you will best benefit. When I am busy and don’t want to be interrupted I found using ACM to send callers a text message that tells them I am busy but offering either an alternate phone number for emergencies or telling them to text me if it’s an emergency, a great way to professionally respond. If you work for a company where you are on call after hours what do you want your phone to do when you are sleeping? My answer to that dilemma is to add that special phone number to my white list so it will ring while blocking everyone else but still sending them a text message that I will call them tomorrow.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports creative scenarios in your profiles. I used working, lunch, driving, free time, sleeping, white list, available after 2:00PM, and home sick (just in case your boss calls and you’re really at the mall).
  • Effectively handles any situation and all incoming call traffic.
  • Very professional way of responding to rejected calls.
  • For those nights when I am on call, it’s really nice to use the “white list” that only allows that special number to ring through.
  • Endless number of ways to configure how, when and who you want to take calls from.
  • CONs

  • You can rename or delete a profile, but if you want to modify one you can’t.
  • Would like to see a better indicator for which profile is currently active.
  • The on-line user manual uses screen shots that don’t match what the phone actually displays. I found this very annoying.
  • Page 24 of the on-line user manual dealing with adding numbers to a list is incorrect. Here’s how to do it;
    (1) select “manage lists” and open
    (2) highlight your list
    (3) select menu key, select edit
    (4) select menu key, select phone book
    (5) highlight the contact you want added
    (6) select menu key, select “add contact to acm”
    (7) if the user has multiple phone numbers, select the proper check box (8) select menu key and save.
  • I would like to see any number added to the black list blocked irregardless of the active mode selected.
  • The “scheduler” function is pretty lame. You can set a start time but no end time or best to just load a different profile.
  • Tips and Tricks

    Use Auto Reply to proceed your text message….reason, why would you use a driving profile and have your caller think you won’t take the call but you took time to text them while you’re driving?

    Do this, set up a list under “manage lists” with just one number for now and name your list “white list”. Next setup an “active mode” for “active from white list” and make your active list “white list”. Now open default action and select how you want to treat the calls you won’t be answering. Scenario: you’re busy and are currently using a profile blocking all calls. Unexpectedly you have to call someone, but you have to leave a message but want to take their call when they call back. Solution: open your “white list” and add that person, then change your profile to “white list” and you won’t miss the call.

    On all of my text message replies, I begin them with “AUTO REPLY. Seems kinda stupid to not be taking calls while driving yet sends your caller a text message. Do you really want them to think you’re driving but will text and not take their call?


    To purchase Advanced Call Manager, go here. Advanced Call Manager costs $24.95

    Special thanks goes out to Robert of the BlackBerryCool community for this amazing review. Robert is an application specialist for a software company and I feel this experience is invaluable when it comes to reviewing software.

    • pennie
      I am having the hardest time getting AMC downloaded. It has been two weeks since I have paid for it and I cannot get the application downloaded. I tried going through tech support, but that didn't help. any suggestions?
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