Barack Obama’s BlackBerry

These days I’ve been thinking about how Obama can help the economy and it’s not through a stimulus package. Obama will save the economy just by branding all things American with the Obama seal of approval. Take for example my hometown, Obama was there yesterday and people drove for miles just to catch a glimpse of him (they didn’t).
Apparently, stores were selling out of everything from Obama t-shirts to Obama chilli. In light of this, Obama should work with RIM to make a custom BlackBerry. If he did, it would look something like the above pic.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rove, a BlackBerry mobile IT admin software company, got to say hi and some employees even shook his hand. More details in a sec.

Here are some of the buttons on Obama’s BlackBerry:
3. Press to play prerecorded “Love to, but this term’s no good” response to Senator McCain lunch request.
6. Alarm flashes if Malia and Sasha are jumping on Lincoln’s bed.
7. Push to get Rahm Emanuel’s Wisecrack of the Day.
11. Tap once to activate C.I.A. briefing. Tap twice to activate C.I.A.-briefing lie detector.
13. Automatic alert beeps if Al Gore is within one mile of White House.
19. Press to refresh current Cabinet roster.


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  1. 1 ObamaAwearness

    Too Funny! I love #13- ya gotta love it!

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