BlackBerry is an essential device for any telecommuter

I like to read the Sales by 5 blog every now and then because power user Nan Palmero works at the company and it’s good inspirational reading. A recent post on their blog is talking about “Using Great Technology” which of course involves a BlackBerry.

About two months ago, some things in my life changed, and I decided to move away from San Antonio. Rather than fearing for my job, I went straight to Erik and told him about my situation. We chose to put our state of the art technology to the test! With the use of our BlackBerry devices, Dell laptops equipped with shared calendars and contacts by Microsoft Outlook, google talk, a Sprint Air Card during the move, and Foonz conference call service, I have managed to stay an important part of the team. What we do and how well we do it have not changed. Among other responsibilities, Erik and Nan rely on me for all of their scheduling from nearly 1,000 miles away. Great technology is one thing that our team could not afford to sacrifice. This is the future of the work environment. Are you investing in great technology? And if so, are you using it to better your team?


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  1. 1 LouTreize

    Great article. We’ve had a dramatic change in communication when I forced the office to upgrade to Blackberry’s. Our salesmen communicate frequently on the fly for any changes/opinions/ideas/approvals and the like. Everyone knows what everyone is doing and thinking (up to a certain extent).

    I wish I could push a little more but with a team averaging at 60 years old, well, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Buying Blackberry’s alone was worth the investment.

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