BlackBerry subscriptions up 20 percent

RIM is expecting the number of BlackBerry subscribers to be up 20 percent this quarter from their previous estimate of 2.9 million. That would make total subscribers at (fidgeting with calculator) 3.48 million. Although subscriptions are going up, the company still expects profits to be at the low end of its forecast.

“RIM achieved a very strong start to the holiday buying season and the momentum carried on stronger than expected during the past seven weeks despite a seasonally slower time frame and the challenging economic environment,” said Jim Balsillie, RIM’s co-chief executive, in a statement this morning.

“We are pleased with our leadership and momentum in the market after shipping our 50 millionth BlackBerry smartphone in January and introducing a range of new products that are achieving exceptional early results and helping attract record levels of new customers to the BlackBerry platform.”

All in all, I think things are looking good for RIM considering the fiscal gloom that is hovering over the economy. Once their store kicks into full gear, we can expect the company to see some cash flowing around the company which will give it a real edge over other smartphone manufacturers.


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