Broken link day at BlackBerry Cool - Win $50!

So Friday was apparently broken link day at BlackBerryCool. Both Mapquest 4 Mobile and Instafind were dead links and BBCool readers were not happy. My bad. My BlackBerry wasn’t working that day so I couldn’t check the links. I feel bad about the mess up so I’m running a giveaway contest in the hopes of making it up to the community.

Leave a comment about your latest BlackBerry frustration and win $50 to redeem at our store. The best comment will get a coupon emailed to them to be redeemed whenever you want.

30 Responses to “Broken link day at BlackBerry Cool - Win $50!”

  1. 1 trevor

    I own a 8320 and have owned every other curve minus the 8330. I’m pretty decent with the BB community but just could not figure out how to get rid of my red light indicator. It’s not that I don’t want it, it’s just that my phone will randomly ring/vibe and my led indicator will go nuts and will not stop. Mind you I have no messages or anything to cause this. I wiped my handheld about 5 times, re-installed the OS 3 times and even replaced the entire board on the phone and the problem persisted. I never thought to think of the simple problems like my sim card… Sure enough I got a new one and that fixed every thing. So frustrating and time consuming.

  2. 2 Stang68

    My Blackberry was delayed from getting emails for three days (I dont know why!!!) and I got an important email from NBC late and now it looks like I am not going to get my internship at “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”! This is disastrous for my summer plans and potentially for my career! The email went through to my normal computer inbox but was delayed to the Blackberry! I am extremely frustrated with my Blackberry and with RIM!!!!!

  3. 3 Stuart P

    So Ive had my BlackBerry Curve for 2 full months now and I absolutely love it, But Ive had to exchange it twice now. . . The first time I brought it in about 2 weeks after buying it, Was because the Stand By button stopped working, And I had to do battery pulls more than once a day. Happened with the phone they gave me pretty much instantly. So the next day I got another one, a New one that wasn’t a demo model. Its worked fine for the past 6 weeks, But now Its decided that since the 30 day in store warranty is over that it doesn’t want to work. I had to pull it twice last night, and I’m going to pull once I’m done writing this actually. Its pretty annoying when you keep your phone in your pocket of your jeans all day, and after like an hour you pull it out and the Calculator is open, or you’re pocket called someone and they heard half a conversation, or a random text to my boss saying “qomfefmw”. Not cool.

    Great Idea for a contest tho =)

  4. 4 mike rubin

    I am so morbidly lost everywhere I go. I was so excited to get mapquest on my BB that the depression was overwhelming when I could not even find that! I started antidepressants, booked an appointment with a shrink (on my corner so I can find him) and looked at GPS devices at Circuit City (cause its next to the shrinks office). So I may save a few $s and be able to see a better Dr. Downtown if you get your act together at BlackberryCool!
    Sadly … Mike. :-(

  5. 5 Thomas M

    My biggest Blackberry frustration is actually disarmingly simple: that their development kit and SDK is stuck in what feels like the dark ages when compared to the Android platform or the iPhone SDK.

    They might as well not worry about developing an “App Store” until they modernise their development platform (better docs, examples and build the IDE as an Eclipse plugin!), playing to it’s current strengths: Power, Flexibility and Stability.

  6. 6 Dan

    went through 4 pearls in less than 3 months all for either freezing glitches except the last one, i got pushed in the lake with it in my pocket. verizon upgraded me to the curve because it’s their policy if you go through more than 3 of the same phone in under 6 mos, no complaints there.

  7. 7 BEN

    I have no land line phone service, only 2 Bolds and a Nokia, I was expecting an important call from my daughter #1 regarding her arrival time at the Los Angeles International Airport and other matters, It so happened that I went to another part of my home and left my Bold alongside my Computer, My daughtere #2 advised me that my phone was ringing, I scrambled to try and get to my phone before she hung up but to no avail, my phone vibrates without a ring twice before the ringer starts so unless i’m right there I miss a call as I did with my daughter #1, there was no voice mail so I carried my phone with me untill I got a second call from her, we said the plesantries and as she was going to give me the information my Bold (or Hers) dropped the call, the third try was much more successful and shortly thereafter I installed Vib and Ring, I have only had one dropped call since I bought my Bold and this was it, the reason for her not leaving a voice mail was a dropped call on her end. Murphy must have had something to do with this.

  8. 8 Haroon Choudery

    My latest BlackBerry frustration was also my greatest. Our school was having a contest for Black History Month that asked multiple questions about successful African Americans and the first person to answer the questions correctly would win $100 cash. The questions were not any that would be answered without research (unless you asked a super-nerd) so I thought I would go the nurses office, fake a headache, and answer the questions using Google Mobile. I did as planned but for some stupid reason, the Blackberry Browser would not load any webpages, not even simple ones. I tried a variety of methods to try and fix this but without any luck. I finally resorted to a battery-pull (which fixes almost anything, as you know) but an announcement went off almost at the same time that I got to Google announcing the winner of the contest! I could have won the contest with ease if my browser was functioning correctly. I was extremely angry and still am. I could’ve won $100 to buy the much-needed OtterBox for my phone!!!

    BTW, thank you for this contest. I love contests, especially when I’m in a bad mood lol

  9. 9 Marc

    My biggest frustration is I have a Storm, which is an amazing device, but Verizon is slow to push out the final updates. They are still on .75 and the beta is up to .109 i believe. I wish they would just push out the updates to fix all of the issues, unless they are waiting on .112.

  10. 10 Matt

    So I use my Blackberry for everything I do. I really mean that. Every single thing that I need to remember goes into my calendar. Some people say that thats not a good idea because then I will NEVER remember anything! Well…I guess they were right.
    I have been dating the love of my life for 6 months now. She is everything to me. I even got her to buy an 8330 so we could BBM! Well, our six month anniversary was coming up and I think thats pretty big (as did she). I had it in my BB calendar to remind me 5 days before to go buy a gift and make a reservation for dinner. Well, it is midterms at school right now and I have been really busy! Lots of emails coming in and emails being sent. Lots of appointments being put into the calendar and well, I just became overwhelmed. This would not have been a problem if my calendar worked correctly but it seems as though my Blackberry started to leak memory. It got really low and started dumping appointments. (I think it does those before messages, right?) Yeah, you can see where this is going. (And yes, I DO backup to my Mac using PocketMac but I guess the appointment got deleted and overwrote the latest backup!)
    I ended up ROYALLY screwing up and on the day of our anniversary, I had NOTHING. She got me an amazing watch and I was sitting there with nothing. Needless to say, she was really ticked off and I was in the dog house. I made it up to her though. I bought A LOT of flowers, a nice Tiffany’s necklace, and made reservations at the first place we ever had dinner as a couple. It was a very special night, but for the rest of our relationship, she is going to have the infamous “Blackberry memory leak” on me. I really want to say it was all my fault (I mean, I SHOULD remember that special day, right) but the Blackberry really should remind me, no? When I saw the look of sadness in Michelle’s eyes on our 6 month, it really stabbed my heart. I’m probably gonna have to also buy her a Niagara to make up for this!
    That “Blackberry Frustration” could have cost me the love of my life…someone I want to spend forever with.

    Pretty bad story, right?

  11. 11 DS

    It’s alright Kyle. I love the service you guys provide for the BB community. So, since we’re trying to get the *best* comment here, I wrote you a haiku:

    Hey Blackberry Cool
    Do Not Worry About It
    You Are Still The Best

  12. 12 Queen4111

    My biggest frustrations are the software app prices.

    Why can’t the apps stay at a consistent price instead of fluctuating all the time.

    One day it’s 99 cents, the next it’s 10 dollars. Come on!

  13. 13 ryan

    My biggest frustration about BB’s is the lack of vibrate and ring function at the same time. I mean, it’s 2009 and you still can’t develop something so simple that’s been in most cell phones for over a decade??

  14. 14 Nikeem Coleman

    I have been having 2 frustrations with my berry other than the broken link. I have a Blackberry Curve 8900 and I have trouble keeping my WiFi signal connected and when I cut the phone off one day it came on but it stayed at the T-Mobile screen and the only way I could get it off was to hold the end key and stop it when I seen my Backgraound. The problem presisted so much that I had to just update my OS altogether.

  15. 15 Tashanna

    My frustration with Blackberry is the constant need to upgrade to suitable OS just to get a pretty decent functional phone without bugs.

  16. 16 Kevin Stephenson

    My biggest frustration is the iPhone people who as soon as they see my Storm have to start telling me how there iPhone is the greatest phone of all time and nothing compares. I agree it is a landmark phone but don’t be so intimidated by my Storm that you have to talk constantly about your iPhone when you see one.

    I usually just ask them to search their email or cut and paste something to quite them down!

  17. 17 Chad D

    SO I’m on my 7th BB model in 7 years, the new 8900. I love it, RIM keeps improving the little things to make it the best phone in the market. The one thing they did change though that I hate right now is the micro usb port. I’ve finally amassed enough chargers (mini usb, and yes my first 2 blackberrys has proprietary charging stands) to have one anywhere I would need to charge my bb, home, several family/friends homes, cars, work, and everywhere in between. Well this past weekend I was visiting family and totally forgot my new charger. Unfortunately NOBODY else has a micro usb charger! So 2 days were the longest time I’ve been out of contact with a BB in 7 years. I understand that this is the new universal standard, and in a year or two everyone will have one, but its so frustrating to have to deal with right now. Well by now you can guess what I will be purchasing if I win the $50!

  18. 18 Sharon

    Had a Blackberry for about a year now. And can’t think of not having with me at all times. After having constant access to internet/email, there is no way I could go without. I use internet on my BB everyday, and access my email on it exclusively. I love my BB !! Oh, but I don’t like that they don’t offer all models of BB with every provider from the start! We have USCellular, and they recently just got the curve! I so want a Storm.

  19. 19 Pieterjan

    Dear Blackberry Cool

    I have a problem and I am too scared to talk to somebody about it. My Blackberry keeps on blinking that red light at me. Everytime I light up the screen it tells me to feed it more programs.

    What can I do?


  20. 20 Abraham

    My biggest frustration is not having a proper Mac desktop software for free. I’ve always had problems with Pocketmac and Missing Sync: contacts missing, screwed up calendar, media problems, etc.

  21. 21 Aaron

    My blackberry bold costed me 499.99 plus $35 admin fee, the week the blackberry bold came out on Rogers.

    I work at a retail location for Rogers. And I had to pay more than new customers for the blackberry. Yet I use it to sell in store, and let customers play with it.

    All I want is a fancy backplate for it, preferably in a yellow or blue or green colour. I’ll be the fancy one at the bar.


  22. 22 Tdburn

    Tell you what, my only frustration with my Pearl being that it doesn’t make me breakfast, do my laundry, or make my bed. Other than that my trackball doesn’t give me any “feedback” when I press it.

  23. 23 DP

    My curve has a major problem with hourglassing and I’m doing battery pulls 3 times a day. I’m sick of calling blackberry support because 9 out of 10 times I’m correcting them through their “troubleshooting” (which is generally a battery pull, a back up and reinstall and deleting and resending service books) and this is my third replacement curve anyway. This recently came to a head when my phone started hourglassing while on a callback for a job interview. I got their voicemail but later found out my voice wasn’t going through and none of my keypresses were registering. I ended up having to do a battery pull again. An hour later I got.a call from the person who referred me saying that she just talked to the guy and I shot myself in the foot. Damn phone…

  24. 24 syclone1978


  25. 25 Erie

    I press a button on my storm nothing happens i press again and again. The phone rings with my number one client and all the button pressing kicks in and i flash from screen to screen and by the time i have regained control i have hung up on my client

  26. 26 Scotto

    When I got my Curve 8320, I immediately installed the desktop manager software. I then started having trouble with the email service. I was getting the dreaded RIM Server emails. I called my carrier’s tech support and left a message. I also submitted a tech support request on their website. After 2 weeks of no response, i decided to do a little research on my own. I searched many different support forums and determined that my installation of DM installed as BES rather then the BIS that i needed. However, I also determined that every time I attempted to reinstall the software, it did not prompt me for the type of installation I required. After much research and much more frustration, I determined that the problem was with my Windows Installer. After updating my version of Windows Installer, I re-installed DM and all was right with the world. Now here comes the good part: the very next day, I received an email from my carrier. This non-intelligible message was addressed to some woman (who was obviously not me) and apologized for tech support being backed up. I immediately replied, stating that I solved the issue myself and wont be contacting their support again and received an apology and the assurance that in the future my issue would be dealt with properly. I hope i didn’t get anyone fired.

  27. 27 dave

    I’m tired of every other thing I do on my 8330 curve giving me the spiining hourglass for what seems like an eternity

  28. 28 brian

    i was in a verizon store with a friend and playing around with the blackberry storms. i picked up both of the display models and both felt different typing than the model I have. It wasn’t night and day, but it was enough that I could determine that there was a model that typed smoother on the edges than mine did. in addition to that, the *click sounded different on each. needless to say, i was angry that my phone did not match up to the display models. Now I just want one of the new curves and to be done with this damn thing.

  29. 29 CoolBB

    Broken Link.
    Broken Heart.

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