Free Aces Texas Hold ‘Em for BlackBerry

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It seems like it’s free software Friday today! We have another deal for you today, Handango is giving away “Aces Texas Hold ‘Em - Limit” for BlackBerry all day long.

Go here and use the promo code FAF02.


21 Responses to “Free Aces Texas Hold ‘Em for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 norphin

    “The promotion code FAF02 does not existL :(

  2. 2 max

    Promo code doesn’t work

  3. 3 ra

    Wow! This is the
    Second link on this site that doesn’t work. It just takes me to a download for “in hand”. When I try downloading the app from “in hand” the promo code isn’t recognized. Hey guys, work on your website. second

  4. 4 dwu

    hey guys, its with a ZERO: FAF02

  5. 5 michele

    I can’t even find where the code goes, even after I downloaded inhand!

  6. 6 Jon

    Thanks — was a bit awkward at Handango checkout, but in the end it worked fine — sent link to the phone for direct download to phone, and also downloaded file to my pc for safekeeping. Thanks!

  7. 7 user

    Thanks a lot for the post. The code does work. I’m not sure why people were having problems from the prior posts. But, it should work now.

  8. 8 chris

    The code apparently will not work on the Storm version of the game. Kind of sucks, but oh well. No free BB game for me.

  9. 9 Rob

    I just tried for my Blackberry Bold (9000) and the promo code also doesn’t work.

  10. 10 Rob


    I didn’t do anything differently from before but I tried again about 5 minutes later and it seems to work fine. On the second attempt, it didn’t ask me again for what device I wanted to software after I clicked “Add to cart” and the promo code worked fine.

    I just installed it on my Blackberry Bold (9000) and it works great. THANKS!

  11. 11 mario72

    Code doesn’t work for me either, and I have the curve! This is BS!

  12. 12 colin enmark

    The promo code FAF02 doesn’t work from viigo or my browser…

  13. 13 sheiky

    The promo code works just fine. I made the purchase and got the DL links … they don’t work though. Click a link and get a blank page.

  14. 14 Amanda

    Anyway we could get a Storm promo version? Thanks!

  15. 15 John Wheeler

    Tried the promo code and it says it has already expired. Go figure. I sure wanted this game.

  16. 16 user

    The code does work for the Bold though.

  17. 17 giorgos

    Do we need to register and download inhand’s application first???

  18. 18 m

    Doesn’t work for Bold either

  19. 19 user

    It works for my Bold. I had them SMS me the link and downloaded it, after I went through the process of selecting my phone model (Bold) through my PC, then adding the game to my cart, then imputting the code.

    Then I had them SMS me the download link, and it installed. Pretty easy process. Not sure why so many are having problems. Maybe there were too many users jamming their site.

  20. 20 m

    Thanks guys… it didn’t work, now it says

    “Sorry, the promo code “FAF02″ has expired.”.

  21. 21 Juan

    Finally got around to download it and the promo code is expired. I guess I was too slow.

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