Free BlackBerry Storm app StormSketch

StormSketch is a free app for your BlackBerry Storm that seems like a lot of fun.
What is it? If you don’t know what an Etch-a-sketch is then this app probably isn’t for you lol.

How to use it? Use your finger to draw on the screen. If you would like to have a new drawing board simply shake your phone left and right and it will clear the screen.

How can I get it?
Here is the OTA Link. For those who don’t know, simply click on that link using your blackberry storm and it will install it for you.

Current Build 1.4.7 - If you notice any bugs or anything post them in the thread. I will try and fix them asap.
New - You can now change colors by simply clicking on the screen. There will be a circle in the bottom right hand corner that will be the current color

Download here.


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