How to increase your typing speed with BlackBerry Autotext

It’s Monday and you’ve got a long week ahead of you. The economy is in shambles but it’s in hard times that one’s true character shows. So now it’s time to start pumping out emails like never before. To do this, Nan has written a simple guide to using BlackBerry Autotext.

One way I have found to triple the speed of my typing is by adding words to my autotext. Here is how to add words and shortcuts as well as a list that I currently am using. Do you have some good ones that I should know about? Please share in the comments!

To access autotext, go to Options (usually wrench icon) > Autotext > New

pls = please

ty = thank you

gm = good morning

gn = good night

xmas = Christmas

mp = my pleasure

yw = you’re welcome

sa = San Antonio

bb = BlackBerry

hb = happy birthday

Thanks Nan!


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  1. 1 Mark PPG

    I use a whole bunch myself. Its to the point where, when I sit at a real computer I find myself using these by accident.

    Smileys are my favorite. I use them all the time in emails, texts and Blackberry messanger.
    Hup for :-P
    Hut for :-(
    Hud for :-D
    Huy for :-)
    These match the keys on my Bold so its very quick and easy to remember.

    I also use d as the while typing (yes, its sort of slang) but you’d be amazed how often you type the word the.
    Also added the following:

    Ud for you’d
    Ur for your
    Ul for you’ll
    Urs for yours
    Ure for you’re
    Uv and uve for you’ve
    B for be
    C for see
    Y for why
    Hed for he’d
    Hel for he’ll
    Id for I’d
    Il for I’ll
    Cya for see ya!
    Kwim for know what I mean?
    Pls for please
    Thx for thanks
    Yr for year
    Yrs for years

    I’m not even sure if any of these are from the factory or not anymore :-)

  2. 2


  3. 3 nan palmero

    Guys, these are excellent. Anyone else have some more suggestions?

  4. 4 Kirk

    I always add a $ before my custom autotext. For example, $e inserts my email address, $a is my signature block, etc.

    I love a lot of the suggestions here, but wonder how often you find that you intend to type something else and it autocorrects to what you have here? I figure with the $ that is not going to happen, plus it is a dedicated button on the Bold, so it only adds one more keystroke

  5. 5 Stephen Lee

    I like using omw (on my way) when getting summoned.

  6. 6 conedude13

    wow, no one did “np = no problem”?! Crazyness! :P

  7. 7 Pandu

    I have to set this up. It amazes me every time I type “blackb” and see it suggest “blackbird.”

    It really ought to see that I never want it to be blackbird.

    Like when I say “I need to get some hay,” and I look back and it says “I need to get some gay.”

    The hazards of SureType…

  8. 8 Tdburn

    The most annoying predictive word that I have noticed is when I want to type “hang out” it always chooses “gang out” ! and I’m like what the heck.

  9. 9 machine906

    I really like the $ suggestion Kirk posted. That’s awesome for inserting a block of text or custom signature.


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