How to sync all your contacts, calendars and events with Nexthaus

Most companies who are BlackBerry-centric have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. It’s the ultimate solution for sync’ing your device with your contacts, calendars and events wirelessly with your desktop/laptop. But what about that growing consumer market? The average consumer is clearly not going to spend the cash or energy to set up their own BES, but they still need to sync their device. One option available to you is Nexthaus.

Among the many benefits of having a sync’ed lifestyle is that your life stays organized. Having all your calendars and contacts sync’ed wirelessly means you can effectively manage your life and stay mobile. Take for example the following situation:

You’re at a dinner party and one of the guests just so happens to work for that store you’ve been meaning to go to. The guest offers his contact info and tells you to come by the store Monday morning. When the conversation is done, you log the contact info into your phone and set a calendar event for the date, time and location of the store. Sync’ing this info will mean you’ll instantly know of schedule conflicts and you’ll be reminded when the time comes. Being sync’ed means more effective networking.

Nexthaus is a company we’ve been working with recently and they have great software to sync your device wirelessly. The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the software. Go to their homepage and select SyncJe for BlackBerry. Now follow these simple instructions and you’re set.

If you know of other companies that offer similar software, we’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment and we’ll follow up.

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  1. 1 Rob

    MobileMe for the iPhone provides that same type of service. It allows you to keep your iPhone, PCs and Macs in sync (contacts, bookmarks, calendars and more). I believe Microsoft has launched something similar called LiveMesh.

  2. 2 Nick F

    I was so excited when this came across my RSS Reader. I’ve been dying for a way to sync my contacts, calendar, etc from my consumer level BBerry to an Exchange server (I don’t have access to the institution’s BBerry Server). I didn’t look into it too much, but I would assume you have to have Outlook open for this to stay current. If that’s that case, BFD.

    I currently have Google Sync syncing my calendar and contacts from my BBerry to Google, and then a plugin in Outlook that syncs Google with Outlook/Exchange. If I have to still rely on syncing to Exchange by way of Outlook, this is way overpriced.

  3. 3 Greg

    there is a Fee for this application, what makes it better than the new Google Sync for BlackBerry that is Free?

  4. 4 Greg

    I have a new iMac and iPod Touch and I use MobileMe, but I am not sure what MobileMe has to do w/ Nethaus and Blackberry and how I would use w/ my Blackberry? Did I miss something Bob? BTW, LiveMesh is not a Contact/Calendar Sync Application, its a sync application for files of all types, I use it to sync files between my PCs and my MAC. Great App. Microsoft is rolling out a new Sync App for Contacts, etc but it is currently limited to invite and only available of Windows OS v6.1 devices.

  5. 5 Adam

    Unless I’m missing something, this is basically a paid version of what Funambol offers for free. The Calendar example you use in your write up made me think that Nexhaus had a more refined version that synced more than one cal, but looks like it does just one also. There are a few bugs with Funambol, but if you just use the contact fields that a Blackberry understands, then it’s golden. I use it in conjunction with Google Sync and the Funambol Outlook plugin to keep my Outlook/Blackberry/Gmail Contacts and Calendar in perfect OTA sync.
    If you don’t trust Funambol, spend $10 on gSyncit. It syncs multiple Calendars and Contacts(both can be from multiple gmail accts) with Outlook. Free lifetime upgrades.

  6. 6 Adam

    Another sync option is to use Google Sync on the Blackberry with a gmail account. Create an account in Plaxo. Have it auto sync with your gmail acct, which it does auto, whether you’re signed in or not. Then, download the Plaxo Outlook Plugin to have it sync with Outlook. Plaxo only pulls from gmail, though, no reverse sync.

  7. 7 Sean G.

    I have just purchased this product. It is AMAZING !!! everything I need in one quick wireless sync….Good Job posting it here. Otherwise, I would have never known about this company.

  8. 8 Lou

    I use to sync my Outlook wirelessly. It works great and is $4 per month. The support is great from them. Thinkpost also syncs notes which it doesnt look like this does on BlackBerry.

  9. 9 Liron is an open-source contacts/calendar sync service which offers hosted service or you can set it up on your own server. Both are completely free, and so are the Blackberry plugins.

  10. 10 Lou

    funambol destroyed my outlook calendar! it took all of my recurring appointments and changed the times on them from their real times to 12am to 6am going back 6 months. luckily i had backed up my PST and restored it. tried it again and it did it again so i dropped funambol. thinkpost is based on funambol but it did not fubar my calendar!

  11. 11 Liron

    Hmm - was using Funambol to sync my contacts/calendar on my old Nokia and it worked flawlessly. YMMV.

  12. 12 Lou

    beleive me, i wanted it to work as it was free!

  13. 13 Mike B.

    Free stuff tends to ruin the party!!!anything good in this life costs money we all know this.

    I happen to be a proud owner of the nexthaus product and the support and service received there is second to non! The prduct works …try it for yourself.

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